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Step2 810kcal Final restart

I'm feeling very focussed and aware that finally everything seems to be in alignment to help me lose the weight I put back on in 2010. I've had a few attempts during the past 4 years but I wasn't mentally ready. I feel ready now. I have had enough of being obese. All the reasons to lose the weight that have been there for the past 4 years are still there. They weren't enough before. Now they are, because mentally I'm ready.

It helps that Australia (where I am) finally has ready made drinks available. I will live on chocolate tetras.

As my BMI is over 40, I have to start on Step 2. I'd rather not have anything but the shakes but I'll do it properly. There's a reason they say I need to start at step 2, so I will.

Good luck to anyone restarting.

I started yesterday. Minimins is the perfect place to help me keep focussed and to keep a note of how I'm going.
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Almost three days completed.
I've just been through all the clothes that have been boxed up for the last three to four years (because I couldn't fit them anymore). I am amazed at the smallness of the clothes I used to be able to fit. It's crazy. And I'm excited. Most of these clothes are barely worn (as I'd revamped my wardrobe just prior to putting on all the weight - it only took me five months to put 6 stone on! :/ ). I can't wait to fit them again!

I haven't been too hungry. I had tuna and cottage cheese with salad tonight for my 200 cal meal. It triggered a desire for something crunchy to eat. I resisted. Hoping I'm in ketosis by the end of tomorrow.
I'm just coming to the end of my fifth day on Step 2. I was hungry yesterday evening and I'm hungry this evening. I have no idea if I'm in ketosis. I'm concerned I won't go into ketosis with 800 cal. I'm having three tetras a day. Here in Australia, they are different to the ones in the UK. The chocolate one tastes the same as the chocolate velvet, but it is a bigger portion. There's also a blueberry and pomegranate 'yoghurt' shake. It's ok. Again, it's a bigger portion. Each shake is 200 cal. I don't know why they have done that for the Australian market.

I want to move to Step 1 as soon as I can. I don't want to have to think about food. Mostly, I want to stop feeling hungry so I want to be sure I'm in ketosis. I'm drinking between 3 and 4 litres of water a day.

My first weigh in is on Tuesday night.
When i done the Cambridge the first time i too started on step 2. Then was able to move to step 1 after 2 weeks. I lost weight but struggled and after 4 weeks my consultant suggested i tried step 2 again.

So i went onto step 2 and the weight fell off me!! So step 2 can be just as good as step 1 so don't be disheartened being on step 1. I lost 4st in 3 months (2012) and kept it off until summer this year and have put 3st back on :( but determined to get it cracked again.

Good luck and look forward to hearing how you get on Tuesday night!

Sounds like you're doing fab! I started again 3 days before NYE and lost 8lb then had 2 days off and it all went back on again :( so starting again today with no social events coming up so no excuses. I know that once day 4 is out the way i will find it easier.

Keep going... you can do this :)
We certainly can do it. I've lost 3 stone 10lb since July. Never thought I'd stick to it. But I'm still going strong. I've seen a transformation in me and I like it :)
You do go into ketosis on step 2. I done step 2 and lost nearly 4 stone and was in ketosis after day 4. There's no carbs on step 2, it's step 3 that has carbs.

Total loss - 3 stone 12lb :)
Hi guys

Thanks for your replies and I'm glad to know I can go into ketosis on Step 2, Lizwhite29. I thought I could but was a bit concerned. Yesterday was much better. I didn't have my first shake until about 12.30 as I wanted to see if hunger would kick in. I still felt a bit hungry in the evening but not as much as the first few days. Perhaps it's just my trigger time to eat.

Camilan, thanks for letting me know that it is possible to have good weight loss on Step 2. I hope today went well for you. I think I'd prefer to be SSing as I spend a lot of the day thinking about what I can have and when I can have it. I want to remove that temptation from my life entirely for a few months.

Pops78 I can't wait to feel good about seeing a transformation in me too. Thanks for posting. It's good encouragement.

Neverendingdiet good luck. I went to bed early for the first four nights. Didn't always go to sleep, but read a book. Just trying to hibernate through the first few days :)

I'm back to work next week. It might actually make it easier as I'm busy at work most of the time and I'll have the ready to drink shakes. I need to break my habit of eating as soon as I get home from work though. I'll delay the protein/veg meal for at least an hour, to try to break the association.

Good luck everyone. I hope this is a successful attempt for everyone reading.
aghh. today was so hard. It was my first day back at work. It is day 8 on Step 2 and ALL day I have had that gnawing, empty feeling. I had to have my first shake at 10.30, when I've easily gone till after midday the last couple of days, and I had my second shake by 3.30. And I still feel hungry. Actually, I just remembered that this morning I had half a shake before I left for work in an attempt to ward off hunger, maybe it created the hunger.
I drank loads of water and had frequent trips to the toilet.
I've just got home and I'm going to resist having my protein/veg for half an hour. I had said I'd wait an hour after getting home to break my habit, but not today.

I hope things get better. I'm sticking to the plan. I've lost weight this first week, but feeling hungry like this is not good.

i hope all those starting today have a good first day, and all those who started recently are sticking with it. I am. Even if it is hard. I'm doing it this time.
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I've weighed in and lost 13.22lb in my first 9 days. I'm happy with that.

The consultant told me that she didn't have my ready drinks in - could only give me two days worth and said the rest should arrive in next day or so. I don't like the other shakes and would rather not have to use them. In fact, if the ready drinks weren't available, I wouldn't be doing this at all. She also told me that there is a shortage of the chocolate ready drink. We only have two ready drink flavours in Australia - Chocolate shake and Blueberry & Pomegranate yoghurt drink. It's obvious chocolate will be popular. They need to stock up. Having these drinks available to me is the difference between my succeeding and not succeeding.

Fingers crossed they arrive in the next two days.
still no news re. ready to drink tetras being available. I run out tomorrow night. All she has done to try to resolve things is put an add on the consultant page (I don't know if she means FB page or not) asking. That's not good enough. I need to phone people.
Well done what a fab loss . X
Thank you.

Almost two weeks done now. That's the beauty of it... it seems like so far to go, but at the same time it doesn't take long to look back and see how far you've come. I'm looking forward to being able to look back on 7 or 8 weeks, I should see a difference by then, I reckon. I already feel better.

Yesterday and today cheese has been calling to me. But I'm resisting!

I hope everyone else has gone well for their first 5 days (as many of you started on Monday) and everyone else is battling their demons.

2015. A good year!
Hi everyone :)
I am a consistent returner..on dear
Looking for some support and encouragement, I start back Monday.
How's everyone doing? Xx

2015 is the year for ME!
Hi everyone :)
I am a consistent returner..on dear
Looking for some support and encouragement, I start back Monday.
How's everyone doing? Xx

2015 is the year for ME!
Hi there, I'm a consistent returner too!!, have lost a lot of weight twice n put it back on but have tried to loose weight in between but have not been in the zone. This year has to be my year where I maintain, which is what I struggle with, I want to actually change for life not just for a while!!. I've been 100% since Monday but I need support for the weekend my kids have sweets on a Friday n so do I usually!!!!. Xx
hi there. weekends are a challenge to start with. I found (when doing this diet before) that they got easier. For me, a Friday meant wine when I got home from work. I miss wine :)

It is all about the head. I thought I was ready a few times in the past three years, but whenever I tried, even if I managed three good weeks, I still easily fell off the diet when a slight problem/annoyance/stress or good excuse occurred. It's still early days in this FINAL weight loss journey but I know in myself that this time is different. It's do or die this time. I'll deal with how I maintain once I've done the difficult job of losing.

Good luck with your weekend and with your first week. 2015 is going to be a good year.
I have six more posts until I achieve my 50 posts. so I'm going to spam my own thread :)
I have had only a 1kg loss so far this week but still three full days until I weigh in officially on Monday night

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