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Finally booked my 3rd Drs appt....

Well I've done it I've booked the next weigh-in, as some of you might know I don't have scales so I have to wait till the Doc weighs me to see how much I've lost and its been over 6 weeks since I last went as I had extra tablets so there was no great rush...soooo I'm hoping the huge gap won't have put my weight loss at odds, I've been good, only got drunk a few times "eh hum" (hides head in shame) and have only eaten a small amount of my yummy home made bread (liar) but taken all my tabs and contolled most of the days calories so I should be ok:fingerscrossed:
The clothes are still getting looser and I'm still walking the dog every day.
Anyway I should hopefully be able to udate my stats very soon.
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gunna be a fatty for ever
yeah good luck sky!! whens the big day? hehehe

i know u will have done fantastic!!!

Good Luck ....... Looking forward to hearing how you've done? Whens the weigh in? xx


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good luck for next wednesday.... ive got my first one on monday EEEKKK.. but im sure it will be fine.. its only been 2 weeks...
Well done thats brilliant! Nearly 2 stone!!! xx


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well done on the weight loss!!!!!
well done you, 1lb a week is super, leads to 52lbs a year!!! x x x
Good work Skyegirl. i think slow and steady is probably the best option. Especially if you don't want to deprive yourself to the point you go crazy. :D

has anyone found that the doctors weigh in is better than what you've weighed yourself?

Unless I am completely cocking up coverting stones to kilos (seriously I'm metric about pretty much everything except height and weight I don't get why this is such a head melter for me).

My last weigh in he said was 112kg but I think I'm 114kg. I'm at 18st at the mo. my next doctor weigh in isn't until the 30th


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yeah i found that the dr weigh in was 2kg lighter than what i was on my own scales.
yeah i found that the dr weigh in was 2kg lighter than what i was on my own scales.
I wonder if doctors scales are adjusted for clothing whereas I normally weigh myself in the buff.

Although 2kg for clothes seems an awful lot.
Or maybe because I have digital scales they're more accurate:confused:

Ah well.


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ive got digital scales too... so maybe they are different to the ones the dr has....
my docs are very similar to my scales, but the doc did tell me off for weighing in between visits, he says weighing in once a month is plenty and i am going to ruin my diet if i keep sneaking a peek, he says if it looks like i am doing a great job i might relax a bit and if it looks bad then i may starve myslef to try and do better!!! makes sense really but i just can't help it.
I don't have any scales so I'm stuck with waiting till I have my appt with my Dr, which so far has been fine, I spend the whole time in between visits thinking I'm still the same weight I was when I last went so its a nice surprise when I get my "new" weight.
Previously when 've tried to lose weight I have weighed continuously at home and its been my downfall, as when I get a bad loss week or put on I get disheartened.
I can't help myself skyegirl, but I try and be sensible. I have an "offical" weighing day and nothing else counts.
I actually physically threw my scales away when I startd xenical as I new they were crap, after weighing in at my first appt I weighed at home and my scale said I was over a stone lighter!!! great if you want to lie to yourself but no good if you really want to change your life and shape, so much to my teenage daughters dissmay they were hoofed in the bin on the day the dustmen came...hence why I have no scales, and never felt the need to replace them.
i wish i didnt have scales im a serial weigher :rolleyes: i am getting better can go 2 days without weighing myself now:D xx


gunna be a fatty for ever
skye- ooooh what a lovely pic in your siggy! makes me want to get me jammas on and crank the fire up!!


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