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Finally created an account!


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I've been an avid lurker of these forums for a while now and have skimmed through hundreds of the past threads about Dukan! I bought the book over the weekend but haven't worked my way through it yet, although there can't be much that I don't know all ready from here!

Anyway, yes, this is my first post on minimins and really is the first ever true diet I've followed. I've always thought, oh if I just follow one or two rules from such and such a diet and swap and change this and that it'll be ok.....not!

I've been on Attack since yesterday and have stuck to it religiously! The good thing is that (luckily!) all the allowed foods are stuff I love anyway! I'm really looking forward to experimenting with the recipe's that people have suggested on here, and I cannot believe how delicious something as simple as an oat bran galette can be!

Anyway, I will probably create a proper diary to track my progress and to give me that extra bit of responsibility! It's so nice to see lots of other people with the same goals - and hopefully I, as a male just turned 22, will fit in no probs!

Everyone here has done so well already, and it's been very enjoyable to read all your stories and how you all support each other so well! Thank you for inspiring me!
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Karen A

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Welcome !!!! We need a little Testosterone in this forum.:D:D You will be showered with lots of love from all the ladies here.

Dukan is so so simple, and if you like the things you eat...well your odds go up of establishing eating habits that you can take with you for life. Get you a little visual tracker that is more for your own psychological motivation than anything else.

...and again Welcome Aboard Karen


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Welcome to the forum Jackk, how lovely to have a man on board!

looking forward to reading more about you, feel free to post your menus in our daily menus thread so we can help keep you on track as well as opening your diary. Nice to see a newcomer who's obviously so well prepared!

Have you informed friends/family of what you're doing? What's their take on it?


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Welcome aboard - and the best of luck!


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Thanks for all the welcomes! I'm really glad that I've stuck to it even for this long (3rd day now), I've never ever been this disciplined!

Emma - I haven't mentioned it to anyone as yet (although to be honest haven't really had the chance to have any deep and meaningful convos with friends since I started on monday!), although I don't feel like I'm hiding anything from anyone. I'm at university, so I share a kitchen with my friends and we often eat together, but make our own stuff individually if you see what I mean. So there's not a lot I do that makes me stand out like a sore thumb - I'd happily eat a load of prawns or chicken anyway! And Dukan food is much less obviously "diet" food than a plateful of lettuce!

I'm not going to weigh myself til the end of attach (Dukan suggest 4 days for moi), but it's amazing what difference not eating tons and tons of carbs makes. The before me would eat, well...tons of the stuff!! (tons of everything if we're being honest!). But because of limiting them so much, you don't get that kind of....carb stomach!

Anyway, I'm probably gonna start a diary thread later in the other section - I have a tendency to ramble on for ages! Thanks again for your nice welcomes :)


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Welcome :)


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Thanks again everyone!

I've started a diary thread as well to keep track (although it looks more like an autobiography right now!), hopefully it will be approved and show up soon as it's currently with the mods!!

In the mean time, I'll carry on with the Dukan book, I need to read more about what to do post-attack!


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Ahh it's there now, apparently the problem was that I put a link in it (to this thread, I know I'm not allowed external ones yet!)

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