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Finally decided to see my GP.


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... about getting a tummy tuck.

I'm sick of having to fold my empty skin in half to fasten my jeans. Jeans that squash my waist and drop off my bum & legs.

I'm sick of getting an infected belly button, that stinks and weeps.

I just hate my stomach. I wake up in the morning and touch it, and it's cold. Like it belongs to someone else - someone dead. I ave very little feeling on my horribly stretchmarked skin after having the twins 5.5yrs ago.

I'm dreading this summer.

I know i'm asking alot of the NHS, but as soon as I touch it, it affects my mood for the whole day. I'm so uncomfortable in my clothes because they just hang off the empty skin. My stomach hangs over the top and if i'm wearing pants that fit me nicely, my belly that hangs like an apron just comes out the legholes (sorry if TMI).

So - i'm going to go for it. I can't live the rest of my life with this "thing". My BMI is in the healthy range and if by some remote chance they put me in for one I dare say i'll be on the waiting list for a good few months. Time enough to lose the 1st to take me to goal now.

Sorry to moan. I know it's not SW.
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Well, as I was once told....

You don't get if you don't ask!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you and hoping your G.P. gives you the nod!

Keep up posted! x


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Good for you YamYam! I totally agree with you that you should get it done and I know you will feel so much happier in yourself. I can't imagine touching cold skin but if I did I would want it removed too! I'm really pleased you took this positive decision. :) :) :)


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A bit of an update!!!! Had my appointment this morning.

I went in and said I think i'm asking for a biggie. I asked if she'd refer me to someone for a tummy tuck b'cos i've had twins and lost alot of weight (only 2st this time but I was 16st 6lbs after having the girls) so in total i've lost 5st 3lbs or something. I said I can't wear the clothes I want because my belly button keeps getting infected. She asked for a look so I undid my trousers, pulled my knickers down a bit and she saw the beast - to which she said "oh.... yes" and started writing!

I've got to go in on wednesday to pick up my unique name & password, then I make my own app't with a plastic surgeon. I've chosen sandwell hospital in west bromwich. THEN when I see them i'll have to tell them the deep dark feelings I have about the twinskin.

1 hurdle down.... probably a million to go.


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G: 12st0lb
Wow that seemed pretty harmless.......and easy too.
So this will be on the NHS then.....?
Good for you on taking the step.
Keep us posted on your progress.


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Will do. It was harmless but this is only the first bit. It'll be the plastic surgeon who refuses me for being too screwed up!

I'm assuming it's NHS. The doctor didn't say otherwise. If not i'll have to sell the children for the £4500 for bupa. We'd never afford it otherwise and I can't live like this.
Well done yamyam...you've taken the first step and that is probably the hardest one of all. Really proud of you!
Let us know what the surgeon says x
Hey Yamyam how did you get on? Fingers crossed for you!
Ooh yes, have you had any news yet yamyam? :)


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Sorry guys - I could have sworn i'd updated!

Basically I went to see my GP as soon as my BMI hit 25. I sat down, explained about my recurring belly button ifections, twin pregnancy, weight loss etc and she asked to see my stomach. I showed her and she immediately started writing!

I made an appointment direct with the hospital for 20th june for my initial consultation but when I returned from my holiday I had a letter saying it'd been cancelled and to expect another app't in a few weeks. I phoned them today to see if I could make another app't direct as I can only do certain times (because of childcare) and she said I was on the list to have a June app't and to wait for it to come through. There's such a lot of people needing to be seen they're doing more clinics over the weekends which will suit me better.

I said I didn't mind july (as i'm officially overweight again thanks to my holiday and a 10.5lb gain!) but she said because of the patients charter it HAS to be june! Aaaaarrrgggghhhh!!!!!

Prey for some really heavy poos for me!!!

K x

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