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  1. sam86

    sam86 Full Member

    ive been to the chemist today and finally bought the starting them on thursday... just hope i get somewhere now....what days are the hardest??? so i can prepare to be at home
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  3. Niamh

    Niamh Full Member

    Hiya Hun,
    First of all well done on taking the first step. Everyone is different when it comes to worst days. Generally the first week is the hardest. Not all the time but be prepared to be ratty and generally feel a bit crap. Once this passes it is relatively easy from there on in.
    Best of luck with your LT journey.
    Niamh xxx
  4. bex!

    bex! im on my way to slimdom!

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    hey hun well done 4 takin this step. basically the same as niamh sed the 1st wk is tough. goin thru withdrawal etc but once it passes u shud feel fine. usually round day 4 once ketosis kicks in but it differs wiv every1.

    have lots of water handy especially if u out an about, set urself realistic goals an av sum distractions ready. :)

    good luck on ur LT journey

  5. mrsd2b

    mrsd2b Big Loser

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    Hi Sam,

    Good on you for starting it, the hardest part for me was the first week definitely, I'd have to agree with Niamh and Bex there. Its difficult with the hunger pangs in the first few days until you go into ketosis. The best tip I have for this is drink lots of water, it really does help. Please don't break it in this difficult time, if you can keep going during the first week then you will succeed. Also a hint is to make sure u use fibre clear to avoid constipation and the best piece of support is to use this forum, all the people on here have been so helpful and encouraging! Keep us up to date hun with your progress!
  6. OurLucylocket

    OurLucylocket Member

    Hi there Sam !! can i ask how much they cost you at the chemist ??
    First day was hardest for me so far as your really starving hungry !! Be prepared to have a lie down or nap.. and yeah try an keep busy take your mind off the F word..
  7. sam86

    sam86 Full Member

    Thanks guys for your support. Lucy it cost me £36 for a weeks supply. last day of freedom!!! tomorrow all i will be tinking is shakes shakes and more shakes
  8. Justice UK

    Justice UK Full Member

    Day 3 and 4 were the worst for me. I felt crap but by the end of the week I was okay again.

    Good Luck
  9. Tracie

    Tracie Full Member

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    I'm on day 4 and i have to say so far this is the best i have felt. And for the first time this morning making my son's toast was not absolute TORTURE. I didn't realise till i was washing up that it didn't bother me at all !!!!
    I didn't get any headaches or feel lethargic either and i think that was down to taking the advise from this forum and drinking lots and lots of water. Luckily i was a big water drinker anyway.
    So keep up your water intake and keep plugging on even when your willpower is waining. It will be worth it in the end.
    Lots and Lots of good luck
  10. ohtobeslinky

    ohtobeslinky Silver Member

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    Slimming World/Orlistat
    Hi hun - good luck with your LT journey! You'll find all sorts of hints and tips on here but remember this journey is very personal. Your body may react differently to others so don't always assume you'll go through the same processes at the same time. I found week 1 really easy - week 2 was much harder.

    Remember to keep coming back on here for all the moral support you could ever need! Here's to being a skinny minnie! xx
  11. MiniB

    MiniB Here we go again!

    Hi and welcome Sam.

    I agree with all said above, especially about us all being different. I find week 1 OK but last time on LT week 3 was really hard but this time it was absolutely fine.

    Drink plenty of water, stay active and keep your goals in mind. This diet really does work and you can reach your goals. Good luck.
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