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Finally Finally Finally Decided To Stick With SW


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Hi everyone :D

Well after a complete nightmare of dieting in the last couple of months going from SW to WW to Low Carb to VLCD and not losing an ounce :cry: (my own fault as i didn't stick to any of them) i have finally decided to stick with SW :) i love the green days but am going to try an fit in more red days, i never seem to feel full on red though so will have to look for more snack ideas.
I have pondered over whether to do EE but not sure yet i mabye will a couple of weeks down the line.
Well day 1 is off to a flying start :) had porridge for breakfast, a sore point for me as im not a breakfast person but if im going to do this right i have to get in the zone and be 100% focused, which hopefully i am now, well a hell of a lot more than i have been lately!
Im going this alone and not attending a class, ive been there and done that and it's not for me.
Off now to have a good look through the recipie section as i need some good ideas for dinners.

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Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Well decided!!!
Good luck with your journey Huni and now that you have set your mind to it, you will be fine.


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S: 15st4lb C: 10st12lb G: 9st4lb BMI: 28.7 Loss: 4st6lb(28.97%)
Hi and welcome. I do all green days as I'm a veggie and have good losses so you don't have to do red if you don't want to. Good luck with your journey


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Great stuff petal, I tried Cambridge and Lipotrim before and whilst I'd lose loads in the first week after that it settled to 2lb a week which I can lose easily on SW and actually HAVE A LIFE!!! so completely binned the VLCD, I think they're ok if you have absolutley tons of weight to lose as you get great losses everyweek to keep you motivated but if you only have a few stones to go I would much rather be eating a fairly normal diet and learning to fit it in with my lifestyle rather than feeling totally deprived.


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Hi Petal and welcome!!
You sound really motivated so stick with it and good luck. I too don't feel as full on red days as green so stick mainly to green. You don't have to do red if you don't want to.
Good luck!!!


No Coffee, No Workee
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Hurrah for positivity and good luck! :D
Petal, like you been down the road of other diets but I realised I am a very large eater (excuse the pun), I started SW 3 weeks ago and havnt looked back. Just remember if you do make a slip dont panic, you may still be within your sins for the week.

You can have plenty to eat, make sure your larder (now thats an old fashioned word) is full and

GOOD LUCK you sound really positive.:)


Still Climbing That Hill!
C: 16st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 42.8
Thanks everyone :):)

Well day 2 now and im still going strong but feeling a little hungry just now, dont know why as im not usually hungry at this time of day :rolleyes: ive just had some fanta zero and think it's brought on some cravings! Not going to eat anything nasty though will go and have a plum or something. I have chickpea dahl for my tea tonight with chillies thrown in mmmm and will have it with a jacket potato i think, was going to have rice but im not a big rice lover and have no cous cous in.

Does anyone know how many syns are in 2 slices (small loaf) 50/50 crustless bread and also one of the small tins of WW tyna and mayonaise? I did ask on the syns thread but thought i would ask here as well, oh is 2 slices of that bread a healthy A or B also?

Hope everyones having a good day!:)

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