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finally get going ....

Thanks Meghan, that's made me feel a bit better. I lost 5 1/2lbs last Tuesday (my first week) and the counsellor said I wasn't drinking enough water. Firstly I'd hoped to have lost a bit more and secondly I'd been drinking 4 ltrs a day + loads of peppermint tea. I will take your advice and drink a bit slower.
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dont set your sights too high as well.. it'll tkae a few weeks to see what your body wants to lose week by week... some people in your group will lose masses, and some will just hit their 3 stone in the 3 months.

for example, i lost 4st10 in 3 months... and the lowest in the group was 2st 13... drink the same, dont cheat etc. everyone's different. so just try and set your self the 3 stone goal and you WONT be disappointed. You'll get there.
Had my first week's weigh-in last night. A couple lbs more gone since the pop-in, bringing my week's loss to 9lbs.
It's great, and I am really pleased, but somehow I also feel a bit disappointed and deflated.

Still, I hope that in another two weeks I'll have gone from being 14st something, to into the 13s.

Knowing me, I'll be one of those people whose bodies just make them lose slowly!

Sorry, feeling a bit negative this morning, think it's the cold weather. Got home last night to find our brand spanking new (and very expensive) boiler has broken down, so we have no heating or hot water. Of course, it would choose the coldest day of the year to do this. Hasn't helped my mood at all.

Going to make a shake, that'll perk me up ... :D
9lbs is absolutely fantastic. Imagine how long it would have taken for you to lose that otherwise! Doesn't look to me like you're going to be losing weight slowly. And even slowly on LL is much faster than traditional routes!! You're doing fab.

'Tis the season for boiler disasters sadly - it's just a small blip though really, in the greater sense of it all - one that ordinarily for me (anyway) would have been the perfect excuse to eat - dunno about you but maybe not being able to eat at a time when something frustrating like this happens will turn out to one of the many LL lightbulb moments??

Still bloody annoying though eh!! :D

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