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Finally going to start...

I've been looking on here for a while now, inbetween and previously I have tried many of the main diets, WW, SW, W8, CD and others.
I have now decided that I am just going to try eating from a much smaller plate better food and do more excercise and just try to lose 2lbs per week.
I've got 100.8lbs to lose to get to 11.7st, so hopefully by this time next year I will have reached that goal and may look to see if I could go further.
Any help/success stories or tips would be much appreciated.
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Hi and welcome.

Not a success story as such as I still have a long way to go but I have lost 64lbs so far this way...smaller portions, healthier food and more exercise. but portion control has definitely been the key for me...I have always had a fairly healthy diet, I just ate far too much of it! I know I can't stick to 'formal' diets so this is really working for me as I can still have little amounts of the things I crave and I just increase my exercise to compensate.

Very best of luck. I'm quite new here myself but I've found it tremendously supportive and motivating so far.
hey i remember when i joined this section just over a year ago , i had over 150lbs to go.. now ive lost 170+ and still going , you will do it! xx
Thank you both for your replies! I would love to be able to reply to other new starters in a few months time similar things to what you have written!
I'm trying to look at as many before and after photos as possible - PiiNK - you have lost an amazing amount do you have any before and after photos as you are great inspiration - Love the hair btw!
3 days in and hasn't gone too badly and going to go full on for the rest of the week x
Good start, Charli...stick at it, it does get easier.

I've just joined a gym (never thought I'd say that...65lbs ago I would have rather died than be seen exercising in public!) and my personal trainer told me that it takes 3 weeks to form a habit...any habit! So in a few short weeks, your new regime will be habit and just a normal part of everyday life :)
Well my 1st week went well I lost 5lbs!! Although I have lost more in a week on previous VLC diets I am really happy with this as I haven't gone to the extremes only made my food portions smaller!
Thank you all for your support, I think I'm going to take some inspiration photos tonight...

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