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Finally had the Quorn Steaks!

Ive only had them in the fridge for about 10 days and as they were fast approaching the sell by date I thought I better use them.

They definitely get the thumbs up! 2 good sized 'steaks' with a pepper seasoning (dont I sound like a food reviewer lol) and only 1.5 points each!!

Ive been looking at Tesco.com and they have a stack of Quorn products, I think Ill start working my way through the list ;)

Definitely worth a try - Im now officially a Quorn convert
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Really?! I was expecting you to say they were nasty- or at least just 'ok', but as they've got the thumbs up I think I might give them a try! Do they taste anything at all like proper steak?
Hmm, to be honest I think I'll stick with the tesco h/l burgers if I ever fancy one - they are REALLY tasty and the same amount of points.

So my little quorn guinea pig, what are you testing for me next? Lol
Hi Marie
Those tesco healthy living quarter pounders are really tasty and thick and the best part is that no fat comes out i usually have a burger with small breadcake and then a burger with a little bit of relish then salad it is really nice

Reccomend the healthy living burgers

If you could test the chicken style pieces for me then that'd be great, then I'll know if they'd be ok in a curry or not. I'll have a look for quorn products when I order my tesco.com shop during the week and I'll let you know what I fancy (aka what you need to try, lol!!!) ;)
Have you tried the quorn sausages i have but was not keen .

Theres all sorts you can get in quorn but cant remember all there is AHH just remembered there is quorn Lasagne
Cottage pie
you can even get cooked meats in quorn kike chicken or ham



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I've only tried the quorn tesco things was not too keen mind you it was only the sausages and OH said they tasted like rubber lol

Have still got the hot dog sausages that I brought months ago and not tried any of the other yet. The Mince quorn tesco that I have says you have to cook it in water is that right or can you just shove it straight in a chilli?????
The quorn I get just get's cooked in the sauce. Heat the sauce up, stick the quorn in straight from the freezer and simmer for 15 minutes...all done! I've never tried the tesco one but I'd assume it could be done the same?

I forgot you had those hotdog sausages! I remember you saying you got them at the time. Don't worry about trying them, we'll get Starlight to taste them first and if she doesn't like them then we'll know not to bother, hahahahaha!!!

Starlight is now the official quorn tester :)


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I've been veggie nearly 20 years & always find that Quorn gives me bad wind but the Linda McCartney ones don't. If you're trying stuff give the LM sausages a whirl. They're lovely!


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I wont open my hot dog sausages then lol they have been in the freezer since I brought them eeerrrrr (2 months ago) the sausages where bad enough so never dared open them and try lol

Thanks for that will try the LM ones
Hi Clair
I have hered that you soak it overnight to keep the taste in hun but when i do a chilli i usually spray the pan with frylight then when it is more or less bron i start adding the onion and peppers or what you want to put in i have never used water for my mince i dry fry it .
But if you want supose you could put it straight into chilli dont think it will matter hun
Hope this has helped

Best wishes

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