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Well ,all I can say is- thank god he knows !!
Last night was when hubby got to find out about the secret holiday i had been planning since feb for him.

heres what happened ....
Meal was booked for 8.30 . so i pretended i wanted a macdonalds ,but wanted it later , so i spent most of the early evening stalling him - he couldnt wait , so at about 6.15 we went to town , we went to asda and i have never spent so much time just wandering around and wasting time !!

When we left , i pretended i wanted a wee so i went back in and just hid then i came back out and pretended to talk to daughter ( i foned the vodaphone top up line !)

I was saying '' yes , dont worry , we'll come and get you ,blah, blah ''
anyway told OH that daughter car had broken down and we had to go help her

Did he guess? - NO !!
went up the road and spotted D in a pub carpark , we went intro car park - where Daughter and SIL told us it had now started !!
Other Daughter turned up and we all decided that we would have a meal in pub
Did he guess? - NO !!
went inside and sat under balloons and banner
did he guess? - NO !!
we had a lovely carvery , I then asked hubby if he knew why we was there?
he said yes to have a meal !!
I then told him that daughter car wasnt broke it was a ploy to get him to pub for a meal because we didnt do anything for his birthday ....
he just said ''oh you didnt have to , thankyou very much '' !!
then we ordered pudding and they bought hubby's out with a candle on it , we gave him his card and he read it , then we gave him the cheapo ''BLACKPOOL '' presents .....
he just laughed and thought we was all taking the mick !!
did he guess? - NO !!!

Then everyone asked me where my gift to him was...
I pulled the red box out and gave it to him.....
he unwrapped the booklet of tickets and said ...
'' these have got daughters name on - so why have i got them .....?... we then told him to turn the pages and it then dawned on him that his name was in the book aswell !!....
you know what he did ??
CAlled me a bugger , got up and said i gotta go for a wee... !!
He had tears in his eyes as he left
we was all sat there with our gobs open and said ...'' he doesnt realise ? it hadnt sunk in ''
He came back and gave me a kiss and was like OMG you *&^$%£%%
he asked the kids how long they had known ..
when we got in the car , he still couldnt believe it , he was saying how we going , when did you pay for it , etc
I nearly wet myself when he said .''.I take it we are not going to blackpool now !!!!''
We was laid in bed last night at 2am and he was looking at the money and all the paperwork, he still couldnt believe it ... he said he didnt know what to say and he was gobsmaked !!!
I asked him if he knew and he said he never had a clue..
It didnt sink in at all really until we got in bed and he saw the money.
He is now wondering if he needs to go and buy some holiday clothes LOL MEN !!
Last thing he said to me was...
i still wont believe it until we actually go !!
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Aaaw, bless. I bet it was all worth it.


Staff member
What a wonderful surprise for your hubby!

Well done you!:flowers:

I hope you have a fabulous time!!!

Love Mini xxx
That's a brilliant story!! I am SO glad it all worked out well and you managed to surprise him so fantastically.

Fabulous :D

Awww Huni...just reading this has brought tears to my eyes! (Im such a sentimental old fool! Lol!).
How wonderful for your Husband!! It goes to show that men arent observant at all! Lol

Now...roll on this long deserved much needed holiday for you both!

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