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Finally I'm 11 stone something!



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Congratulations in the Elevens
thanks everybody I'm really feeling back in 'the zone' and I dont feel like I am going to get complacent this time as I know I have lots more to lose and the only way it will come off is if I stay focused, keep exercising and stay on track! And I reckon I can do it as well...:cool:

2 stones 13 pounds to go to goal! (although I will see how I feel/ look at 10 stone and adjust accordingly if needed!)

I actually feel so much better for not overeating as I had been doing a few weeks back where I was just shovelling it in non stop again and apart from knowing you arent achieving your goals it does actually make you feel quite crappy if you eat loads of junk food more lethargic I think, well it does me anyway and it makes you want to lie around on the sofa and eat more!

I dont want to go back there I want to ride this wave of positivity and see how far I can get with it!

Thanks for all your support! xxxxx


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Hey Jem can I hope on board your surf board......to ride the wave of positivity with you, Im on my new day 1 and so far have been very good.
sure thing sonkie! I'm gonna do a quick workout I think to keep my motivation up as I've been thinking about chocolate all afternoon! :eek: I'll be fine and I've got some bars I can eat that I'm allowed so will do a bit of exerecise first.

got to keep motivation up! obviously didnt get job so trying not to be too bummed out. I am thinking of moving back to bristol just for jobs sake. its mad. plymouth IS rubbish for jobs/ pay son its mucho rubbisho.

right off I go.


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My hubby is gutted about the lack of jobs in Plymouth, we are lucky to get 300 odd jobs yet when we lived in Nottingham there was at least 900 every week.

Stay focused hun you will make it to the end of the day.


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Brilliant news Jem!

Congrats, keep it up kidda!!!

Hi Son/ everyone! we went away camping last minute so have been 'awol' as you put it- sorry! we had to come home early yesterday morning though as I got food poisoning the previous night and was soooo ill. :cry: I kept fainting and falling over and had massive headaches etc etc. I was resting all the rest of yesterday at home and feel much better now, I've posted in meetings but I wont be able to make it to bath now, its a real shame but we've got too much on last minute so I'm just going to have to lump it. :(

I got a call from the architects firm saying I made it to top 3 people for job (out of 100 she said) but someone had more experience in architectural work or something. nice of her to phone although I obviously realised I didnt get job as it was meant to start yesterday! nevermind search goes on...:sigh:
Blimey you have had a busy time then......! Glad you are feeling better. Thought maybe you and Sam had gone away as you have both been AWOL for 5 days lol.
Hi Son sorry I've been AWOL again! I was having a break from the diet for a few weeks as it was our anniversary and we were going out for a lovely meal and it was so yummy and my mum was visiting too for a bit but I've gone back up to 12 stone 5 now so I'm going back on lipotrim, I will be doing rosemary conley's gi diet when I've got down to my goal weight as its just basically healthy eating with guidelines but I still have a lot to come off so I need to do it quickly as the slow but steady approach just doesnt work for me- I need to see results and fast! back on the old lipotrim horse today, had a bar this morning will have a shake at lunch and soup for tea. lts of water and I feel ok so far got loads of formulas left but may have to pick some more up sunday/ tuesday

You look great in your new pic son! :)
sorry chick I wish I could spend more time on here but I'm trying to go somewhere with the music stuff and its taking up all my spare time more than I'd like but i'm getting gigs so cant complain too much!

will have a look at that link... :)

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