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Finally joined a gym !!


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(just posted this but not sure where it went too.! :eek: so re-doing :))


After all these years of wanting to do it, finally plucked up the courage to do it. :D

Went and saw a couple of different ones, one a council run with leisure facilities and the other a well known private one.

Have to say the private one won hands down for facilities, cleanliness and overall everything that had to offer. :) They were friendly, and very encouraging.

After reading so many horror stories of gyms was very nervous to go along, but have to say was totally impressed with how they do things! and how they put me at ease.

Went and had a session on Sunday and it was brilliant.!! really enjoyed myself and felt so much better for getting some kind of exercise.

Have to go tonight for a review, and for the instructor to devise me a 'programme' to follow for the next few weeks. (might not be so happy after that. :D:D:D).

I must be really sad, and so need to get a life but am really getting a buzz and getting out for a few hours and burning a few calories.!!

Deb x
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I love the gym - but it does depend where you go... I'm at Virgin and it's gorgeous.... few posers around but I just wear my baggy t-shirt and get on with it!

Well done for making the start... I have so much more energy when I'm exercising... and I know what you mean about the buzz!! I get it every time! Good luck with the programme! Post it so we can see what you're doing! xx
I love going to the gym, once you get into it, you will also want to go, some weeks I don't want to go as often, but normally I go 3 times a week to the gym and once swimming for something different. I am actually leaving a well known gym and going to the council one, purely because I am on an economy drive and the council gym is literally opposite my house where as the current gym is the other side of town and I have to drive there! I would always recommend that you do a combo of cardio and strength work. I do one session of pure cardio and the other two a combo of cardio and weights/strength work, whilst I am not losing as much weight as I want to I have definintely noticed a difference in my body shape and I am losing inches, I have a more defined look now I would say. Good luck


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Well done!!

I joined a few weeks ago, after putting it off for years, and was amazed at how friendly everyone is, and how much I love it!:eek:

I'm really kicking myself for not joining sooner!:(

Making up for it now though, by going 5 days a week. Absolutely love the buzz I get from the gym! Its soooooooo addictive!!!:D


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Morning everyone.

Am still 'alive' today. :D My instructor wasnt too hard on me last night when he set a programme for me to do and follow.! (bless him).

After hearing horror stories from other gym users of what they were put through on joining and not being able to walk for days afterwards was SO nervous! but thankfully it wasnt too bad. I can still walk today and nothing hurts...yet !! :)

Hi jacqu79, I have been exactly the same, put off joining for years, and so wish I had joined earlier too. :) Finding everyone so friendly, and even the staff remember me when go in, and ask me how getting on. Its really so much better than I thought.

Hi lydia150970, thanks for the advice on best workouts, looking at what you mentioned its more or less what my trainer has set on the programme for me to do. :)

Hi LoveIt, have seen a few posers too at the gym am going to. But you cant help but admire the hard work and determination they have put in to get their body beautiful. :D

So far am really enjoy going! I want to go tonight to the acquafit session but it classes with my WW wi!! :eek:, and so tempted to ditch the wi and go get soggy.! :D:D

Deb x


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Another session last night following my set programme (done fully this time. :)) and am starting to ache a bit now today.!! :eek::D

Have to agree, am so enjoying going and finally getting some decent quality exercise time! I just oh so wish I had done this earlier.

For anyone like me who's ummed and arrred about doing it, please take the leap of faith and go along and have a look at one, sure you will be pleasantly suprised at how nice some of them are now. :)

Deb xx
Glad you are enjoying the gym. Ive a cold all this week so haven't been since Monday and I am itching to get back there on Sunday, popping paracetamol every 4 hours ! need to go back to gym:sigh: got inspectors in at work for the next fortnight so will only be able to go Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Mondays but hopefully that will do me ok (normally spread it out so go every other day)!


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It's a great feeling once you've finished a workout isn't it? I'd advise anyone to give it a chance!!

I'm not long home from the gym myself and am knackered today! Started a new program this week, and it's hard going, but I'm loving it!:D

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