Finally joining you all


Hi all, I feel as though I know a few of you already as i've been browsing these Forums for months! I found you all so inspiring. Especially the girl with the pink hair! (forgot username). It was not until I saw the before and after pics that I decided i'd waited long enough and that it was time to do somthing myself! So at last I have registered to join you all personally. Give a little back.

I've just turned 24 and after a bout of depression, I've finaly decided to change and work towards a better lifestyle. I did WW about a year ago with my Mum, but I was really only going for her, make her happy. I lost a few pounds here and there but nothing major. But now i'm doing it for me! After reading all your very inspiring journals, I now know that it is possible even though i've got a lot to lose!

I started Slimming World online a week ago tommorow, tommorow will be my first weigh in.

So, let's begin!
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Hi :welcome2:
Glad to hear that you're doing this for your self & that you have decided to join us.
Good luck xx


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Hi Sweetie!!!!
Welcome to Minimins!!!! I'm so pleased to hear that you have decided to take that step to a happier healthier you! I know what you mean about PinkPunkStarr she is SOOOOOOOOO inspirational and was the 1st person I read about when I first joined! She has done so well and just think.... that success story could be us eventually!
I'm so sorry to hear that you suffered with depression I really hope you have that under control now? It makes dieting very difficult when you are feeling so down and unmotivated. I hope you will find some support here, I know I have.
Goodluck with Slimming world and your 1st weigh in!!!!!!
Love Vicky