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  1. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    I've been overweight for most of my life. I unintentionally slimmed down in my teens but I soon piled it back on. I've always been bothered (guilty, ashamed, depressed. You know how it is) but have never really found anything that was sustainable for me. A few months of feeling deprived and then I crack and never look back.

    At the age of 23 and 2 pregnancies later I have finally committed to losing weight and getting healthy. My scales broke not long after my daughter was born (June) and I ignorantly ate whatever and whenever I wanted (as I did through pregnancy.) I shrugged when my size 18 maternity jeans got tight and I'd jumped to a size 22!

    I joined Slimming World between Christmas and New Years and have lost 7.5lbs to date! I am upset at myself for putting so much weight on but are now thoroughly committed losing it! I don't tell any one how much I weigh or what size I am so it's kind of liberating doing it here.

    *Keep updating*
    Week 1: 19st 6.5lbs
    Week 2: 19st 3.5lbs [3lb loss]
    Week 3: 19st 1lb [2.5lb loss - 5.5lbs all together]
    Week 4: 18st 13lb [2lb loss - 7.5lbs all together]
    Week 5: 18st 10lb [3lb loss - 10.5lbs all together]
    Week 6: 18st 10lb [maintained. 10.5lbs all together]
    Week 7: 18st 6lbs [4lb loss - 14.5lbs all together]

    Weeeee!! Im very excited to change :) wish me luck!
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  3. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    I have taken to dry body brushing every day as well as moisturising twice daily (once post shower) in the hope that this *might* encourage my skins elasticity and help it shrink nicely. I'm very worried about potential bingo wings and overhang. I have an overhang anyway (thanks, kids) but am hoping that it will somehow improve with my weight loss and exercise.

    I am currently on day 2 of the 30 day shred. It's easy so far. I do get where I'd quite happily just lay on the floor and pant and I do get tired but apart from a slight ache in my shoulder/arm area I am fine! I had envisioned myself to be pausing to get my breath and to be aching all over but i'm doing okay. I feel quite satisfied that after tomorrow I will already have completed 10% of the programme.

    I weighed myself tonight and had lost 4lbs on top of my last slimming world weigh in. Either my scales are out or 2 days of the 30 day shred (plus 3 days of long walks) have seriously boosted my loss. I must remember to home weigh before my next weigh in to see how my scales compare.

    Tonight I am wearing a size 18/20 pyjamas that wouldn't touch me at Christmas. Whilst I know they're easier to get into than clothes and so I haven't actually dropped a size (bought size 20 jeans from next to aim for as a mini goal), I find it very encouraging that in under a month I have something tangible to compare, rather than numbers in a book.

    Feeling very positive and excited about my journey!
  4. just wanna be a 16

    just wanna be a 16 Full Member

    hi newlou
    your doing great ;) i too am terrified of baggy skin when i am done so like you am moisturising and massaging too in hope.
    good luck for your next weigh in
  5. elm

    elm Silver Member

    Your title is almost the same as mine and it made me click the wrong thread hahaha.

    Good luck!
  6. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Thank you just wanna :) your goals are quite alike with mine by the look of things! Good luck to you both. :) xx
  7. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Today I slacked a bit. I didn't do day 3 of the 30 day shred. It is my fiancé's day off and so we've been rushing about all day. I had no time spare until 8pm and by then I had nooo motivation. (It probably didn't help that we ate at around 7.15)

    I have stuck to my diet religiously though. I'm really hoping I can lose 3/3.5lbs this week. 6.5lbs in a fortnight overall, but 6.5lbs in 3 weeks wouldn't be bad. :)

    I am using Dove firming lotion once daily. I'm not sure it will actually work but it makes great incentive. I'm trying not to weigh myself every day but failing. I weigh the same as I did last night. (Of course I do. What do I expect??)
  8. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Subscribed :) You're doing great! I joined Slimming world yesterday and still a bit confused by it all, but working it out slowly. Are you going to the meetings too, or doing it all online? I subscribed to the online as don't have anyone to go to meetings with. Hope I have as good losses as yours! x
  9. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Smuffin. Hats off to you if you can do it online! I subscribed (£60 down the drain really) as I cheated a lot. Going to the groups has helped me loads. I wouldn't have gne alone though. How are you doing with it? Xx
  10. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    I missed a day of the 30 day shred and also ate nachos, etc. Celebrating with my friends.

    Sooo.. just for this week I have started success express with slimming world. Hoping to still achieve a loss as I have stuck to thr plan perfectly otherwise. I have decided that when I miss a day of the shred I am going to start over (incentive not to miss). I did just that today and followed all the harder moves. Huzzah! Reeeaaallly want a loss despite a meal out.
  11. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    What's Success Express? Wouldn't worry too much about one day, I'm sure you'll still get a loss!

    Yeah I would of liked to of gone to the meetings, but doing it alone puts me off. I'll give this a try and if it doesn't work guess I'll have to get some guts and go on my own or find someone I can drag with me!! Lol

    I'm doing ok I think, I've just got home from shopping, been going around the shop checking syns with the mobile app and had already previously wrote down loads I could buy syn free! One thing I am confused with is what sauces I can buy to go with pasta as they're all a good amount of syns and I'd rather keep them as treats instead of using them all up in one go on sauce. I'm alternating between Red and green day beings a friend is doing it one day red, one day green and has lost 14lbs in 4 weeks so far.

    Yesterday was my first day and used 7.5 syns, already used 5 today though on my breakfast alone, but it was a one off 'fry up' which is rare for me to have anyhow. But was a late one so need to go find some sort of lunch now.
  12. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Success express is basically just extra easy but you have 2/3 of your plate superfree instead of 1/3. It better work because I'm not enjoying it. :/

    What area are you in? (Just incase by some freak chance you are near)

    The key is to make your own sauces really. I found it hard not having jars of them at first. The easiest way to do sw that I have found is to make a meal plan for the week and then shop accordingly. We had bacon, liver and spring onion mash tonight with grilled tomatoes.

    Oh 7.5 is good :) I've not done any red or green days yet. You'll have to let me know how you get on, I've been considering mixing extra easy with red and green. Xx
  13. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    I'm in Essex :) I did a big shop today, then realised I actually hadn't made up one single full meal out of it all! Just wrote up some lunches and dinners for a few days and will work some more out in a bit and have to do some more shopping I think.

    Ah yes, someone kindly gave me a recipe to make up some pasta sauce so definitely gonna try that.

    I prefer the green days to the red, but I think it's cos red is more fish and I'm not the biggest fan of fish!
  14. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Oh I'm way up North! Yeah I did that with my first week too, haha. How are you getting on now? Have you weighed yourself yet?
    The only fish i can eat is tuna. :)
  15. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Very happy post!

    I have only done the 30 day shred 3 times this week. I have walked a lot though and had totted up 205 minutes of exercise this week (yay). I ate out this week and really did think that I'd have gained. Butttt.... -3lbs! YAY! If I'm really good this next week AND I do the 30 day shred I am hoping to lose a further -3.5lbs to gain my stone sticker.
    Happy happy Emma :)
  16. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    YAY Well done on your 3lb loss!! I weighed myself Sunday, had a 2lb loss, then yesterday a 1lb gain. So no more weighing till Saturday!! I think it's cursing me doing it too much lol. x
  17. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Oh I know! I keep saying I'm going to get rid of my scales because I'm a bit obsessed Haha. It depends on the time of day too. I've fluctuated 5 or 6lbs in a day :\

    Thank you! You too xxx
  18. CurvyKitschen

    CurvyKitschen Full Member

    Congratulations on your loss!! That's amazing considering you went out so well done! I've been trying to go running but I really hate how would you rate 30 day shred as an exercise program? How long do you have to do it a day and what types of exercises are there? X
  19. newlou

    newlou Full Member

    Thank you! I can't reccommend the 30 Day Shred enough! Like I said, I only did 3 days out of the week and it has still worked! Each workout is 25 minutes. You do 10 days of level 1, 10 on level 2 and 10 on level 3. I have only done level 1 so far. It's quite easy. You can see my BMI and I have managed it quite well :) It alternates between strength training and cardio in 1 or 2 minute bursts. It's definitely worth a try :) they're on YouTube xx
  20. Smuffin

    Smuffin Full Member

    Im curious about it, Im going to have a look too! How are you doing with slimming world hun? xx
  21. CurvyKitschen

    CurvyKitschen Full Member

    Oooo thank you! I shall definitely go on youtube tomorrow and have a look at that! :) Do you need any equipment or anything? I don't have anything in my house really :/ how's the weightloss going babe?


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