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Finaly Started! :D

After waiting for a week and a half to get to uni so i could start the CD, it has finally arrived. Im now on my second day! So far its going great, living in a flat with 6 othet people means there is always food around me, and so far, i have not even craved anything they have been having.

Tried fruits of the forest... i have to say it would not be my cup of tea. I am loving the few soups i have tried so far. Thinking about in future getting 7 shakes a week and 14 soups instead of 14 shakes and 7 soups.

What is everyone elses preferences??
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Must admit the soups I've tried so far have gone down the sink! I tend to have either a cappucino, hot vanilla with coffee, or hot chocolate for breakfast; a tetra for lunch; and a shake in the evening.

I'm on day 4 today, and its the first day I've not cheated! But I've been in ketosis since day 2 so its all good. Now I just can't wait for the weeks to pass!

Good luck with it all.


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Welcome Lucy
how are you feeling ?
Well I had soup tonight Broccoli & cheese , it really didn't taste of much , but it was something to go down the hatch lol . Last night it was oriental chilli That was worse than the Broccoli & cheese . I have the sweet ones really choc mint nice , and choc nice , strawberry its nice . i am waiting to try spicy tomato tomorrow , Exciting hah lol . Tell you what i did try today mix a mousse , made that with the choc shake , it went wrong , really don't know why it had lumps in it , yuck . But they say to do 2 weeks i think before doing that . Also tried the water flavours they were ok !
Thanks Missleo!
I am feeling great! I am on my third day, and alreay my shoulders, neck and jaw line feel thinner! I think i may try the choc mint today for my first shake, I am going to try the spicy tomato tonight as my friend told me it tastes a bit like Heinz tomato soup. so we shall see how that goes... :D
Hia Lucy and well done on getting to day 3 without any hiccups, fraid i cant help you on the soups as i've never tried them but i do love the shakes whisked up with lots of ice mmmm yummy,bet you cant wait til wi day :)
Hi Lucy,

Well done so far!
I am about to start the CD on Monday and like you, couldn't wait. I have done the CD in the past, but had to stop when I fell pregnant - sadly that didn't last long and as a result I ate myself into oblivion.
I am back with a vengence and I really want to start now!!!!
Hi Lucy, well done! Being a fresher and SSing must be tricky- I know for me three years ago I was out drinking pretty much every night, getting pizza with my flatmates etc- uni is the reason I am where I am now! So stick with it, I think you're doing amazingly!! xx
Im really excited about WI! I will be so happy with any weight loss! I have done weight watchers a 3 times( started every summer lol ) , and each time i started lost 6lb, first 2 times and 4lbs third time, s if i can at least match that at my weigh in on next wed i will be extremly happy!
i get 7 spicy tomato soups (LOVE THEM) for the evenings.....and 14 choco tetras for the days! more for conveniance than anything else but also tried other flavours and hated them!!!!!:D


Strong women stay slim
spicy tom , i had that this lunch time , really didn't enjoy that . But you have to try them to find out . I have not tried any bars but will do next week , so looking forward to that yum , chew lol

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