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finding it hard, anyone similar weight, height etc

trying to stay positive as i love the sw diet and im sure it works but im struggling with portions and how many syns to use etc. i lost a lot of weight on ww but have been trying to shift last bit for a long time. was just too hungry on ww in the end. im 5ft 2 and at the mo im 9st 13. want to be 9st but realistically i know im comfy at 9st 4ish. i started sw 4 weeks ago and have lost 3 pounds so far but things seem to be stuck. stayed same for past two weeks. dont know whether its best to use no syns or save them. grrrr. feeling very confused. xxx
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I am 5ft 4 weighing in at 9st 9 and have been struggling also the last 4 weigh ins have gone like this:

22/4 9st 11 +1.5
29/4 9st 8 - 3
5/5 9st 10 + 2
13/5 9st 9 - 1

I try and follow the plan 100% occassionally using too many syns but I honestly think it is harder the closer you get to your target.
This week although you don't need to I have been thinking more about portion sizes using a smaller plate and drinking water 1/2 hour before eating and I really haven't been hungry and haven't used all my daily syns allowance.
I am hoping for good things on thursday at wi.
Good luck with your journey I hope it get easier for you.
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Most days I do use my syns, anything from 5-15 but I have been trying not to eat for the sake of eating. During the day I am not too bad but at night 5 mins after tea I start looking for goodies so I tend to use my syns for this.
think i will go to my weigh in tonight and follow plan 100%. ive been really wary of eating all syns and have tried to stick to around 5.x
I'm 5ft 2ins & weighed in Feb 09 @ 9st 11lb. I achieved my target just two weeks ago.

I know it's a long while to take but to be honest I'm happy with that. Never once I have gone hungry or felt like I'm missing out.

I've always had 105 syns & have these on a weekly basis. I use a weekly basis because I always have wine & chocs on a Saturday night with MiL.

At one point I felt the weight was coming off far too slowly so I started to keep a spreadsheet of my WI's & syns I had left to see if there was a pattern & there wasn't.

Good luck the weight will come off;)
Aw thank u both so much. feeling positive again now and will stick to it. I am going to save my syns for weekend as much as poss too. keep up the good work, uve really helped!!!xxx


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I am 5' 3" and when I started SW (at 11 stone 8.5 pounds)it was pretty slow, and contrary to most, speeded up towards the end. I only lost 4 pounds in my first month, with 4 pounds loss my first week, STS x 2 weeks, then lost 1.5 poinds which I gained the next week!
All in all I lost 30 pounds in 30.5 weeks until I reached my first target.
Currently I weighed 8 stone 9.5 pounds at my last weigh in, which is 4.5 pounds below my target. This week, for sure, I will probably be nearer to my target.
IMO 9 stone, is pretty realistic and achievable.
Good luck, it will happen!


Alomst there :)
You 50 posts to PM. She should be able to see your email address... I can :) Might just be bevause you don't have enough posts you can't see it.

Anyway, I'm also 5ft2, at last WI I weighed 9st5, I didn't have a single problem as I got closer to target. I want to reset my target to 9st 1 (makes a round 3 stone :)). I lost 38lb in 18 weeks, just by sticking to the plan, and using all my syns. Could it be that you're not eating enough? If you're not using your syns maybe you need them to bump up your calorie intake a little bit?
think u could be right! i used to do ww so used to low calories. think im going to use 2 a's, 2 b's and all my syns this week. and see. thank u.xx

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