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Finding it hard this evening!


Slimming down the aisle
Hey guys, finding it quite hard this evening! Feeling slightly hungry but more than that am craving food. And just generally a bit grumpy I think! Even my mum noticed and said I'm not myself today, not sure why really. I just need distracting or I'll end up eating the yummy dinner my mum made for everyone else!
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I know how u feel I was like that Sunday. Went out in the end in the car, but best thing is to have a nice hot bath with lots of bubbles in and a long soak. Then when you get out have a black coffee and an early night then you have no regrets about eating the dinner Good luck x


Slimming down the aisle
I think I'm going to go to blockbusters and get a film and go and get some bubble bath too. And then when I get back have a nice bath and then watch a dvd before I go to sleep. Hopefully it'll help!


Proud to be a Loser!
Whenever I find myself really really craving food (which is happening more and more!) I try to busy myself with tidying my room, organising my paperwork....boring jobs like that :)


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I know how you feel Caroline. I often get like that. Yesterday I was starving from getting out of bed until going to bed that night. In fact, I had some prawns (I did come on here and confess though).Today, I am regretting it big time becasue it is weigh in tomorrow night and I am panicing now.

This board helps though becasue a) it keeps your mind and your hands occupied and b) you read the inspirational stories, and think "if you can do it, I can do it". This feeling will pass. Get that dvd and distract your mind. Think of that lovely dress you are dying to fit into.


always struggling
Hi Caroline, its hard hun and we all understand exactly how you are feeling. But you can do this and think of your aims and where you want to be.

Dont touch the food Im proof of the nibbling that soon becomes eating that soon becomes off the wagon!!! So many times - its not worth it and you just keep coming on hear there is so many of us to help each other who feel the same at some stage on this journey.

DVD and bubble bath sounds like a fab idea x


Slimming down the aisle
I've just got back from town. I've got a DVD, some new tea to try, some lovely bubble bath and candles so I'm going to go and relax and not think about food!
What DVD you gonna watch?


Silver Member
I've just got back from town. I've got a DVD, some new tea to try, some lovely bubble bath and candles so I'm going to go and relax and not think about food!
That's great Caroline - sounds like a fab plan. And so much more fulfilling than munching. Well done for keeping your focus


Slimming down the aisle
Well that worked a treat! Just had a lovely bath with some lovely vanilla candles I got from sainsburys, bubble bath, had a mini facial pack thing. Started watching a DVD but I'll probably finish it tomorrow. I highly recommend it all to anyone who is feeling tempting! Very relaxing!

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