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Finding it hard today...

:wave_cry: Not having a good day today, I'm finding it really hard. I've not eaten anything and I don't want to but I'm really missing sitting down and eating a meal. It's not that I'm hungry or anything. On the whole I'm enjoying the diet, I like the shakes and look forward to them but I'm just feeling a bit down and am really snappy (sorry hubby!).

Oh well, hopefully I'll be back to my usual happy self in a couple of days. I'm really pleased with how much I lost in my first week and am hoping to get my stone on Monday - that's something to look forward to!
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I can echo every thing you've said but i just keep thinking about why i'm doing it and that spurs me on!!! Keep going - it'll be soooooo worth it :):):):) x
i am feeling the same. today i wrote a wee list of reasons why i am doing this. its stck to the wall at my desk in work. just reading it makes me feel a bit happier about this. if i can do this, then so can you. Good luck :)


Here we go again!
I had a couple of down moments at the beginning of this too. You really do have to keep in mind why you are doing this. You know the results that this diet can give, so keep going and the weight will come off.

As said above, if I can lose over 7 stones on this, anyone can do it, believe me!


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hi all, sorry to hear u feeling down suzy, we must have started about the same time i on day 3 of second week, i dont feel bad thankfully i find if i hungry or thinkin about food i'll go do something, even for a min like put in a wash or empty the dishwasher, walk around the garden for a min, i kno its sounds stupid but it really does help, and u had such great weight loss on your first week :) keep it up missus u will def be smiling on next weigh day :)
is it the sitting down thing you miss. I have soup from a bowl and sit down to eat with OH and kids so I can still be part of mealtimes. seems to help or maybe you should attack a flapjack with a knife and fork -might even improve them a bit lol x


Positivity is the key
Hi suzy,
hope you are feeling a bit better, it is only week 2 so you are still adjusting. I like the flapjacks as it does mean I can sit and eat with the boys, they like that too. Hope you start feeling better soon, best of luck.
Hope you have a better day today


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Hiya, the first 2 weeks are the hardest. I know I was a bit down and very tired. But bounced back in week 3. I think the first week is the physical and the second is more mental. Remind yourself that this is a food holiday and once you've lost the weight you will eat again. So it is not forever, and keep a special reminder of why you are doing this and how much better you'll feel when you've lost the weight.
Good luck. It does get better.
Hi suzy

Know how you feel we started the same time and both lost 9lb. I agree the first week is physically tought but the second week is mentally rough just had to go shopping for the family and sooooo wanted to eat ,feel a little wound up so got a bottle of fizzy water (my treat ) and left the shop stomach keeps grubling but telling myself its the fat being busted so its worth it .Keep your chin up.xxxx
Hi Suzy, got to say I just kept myself busy,busy,busy....as my OH ate his meal, I was cleaning up the kitchen and glugging water. It really does get easier the longer you are doing LT, I know that sounds strange, but true! Now I am maintaining, I can honestly say it was worth EVERY SINGLE morsel of food I DIDN'T eat, in that 10 weeks!!!! A whole new wardrobe of size 14 clothes, mean I look great each and every day, even my "slob-out" clothes look good!!!!!
Thanks everyone! I'm feeling a lot better now - was just having a bad couple of days.

I'm off now work 'til Tuesday now so I'll have a bit of time to myself, (in between chasing after my 18 month old daughter!), so I'm sure I'll be a lot happier! Got my weigh-in to look forward to on Monday!

Thank you for all your support though - I really appreciate it! xxx

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