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Finding it hard today :-(

Were do I start haha,

My friends making pancakes, my girlfriend having beef burgers and chips and I one home to my mum eating a curry half and half!!

Why does it seem like every is eating :-( haha!

Ive stayed 100% thou, hope tomorrow is an easier day :-(

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im so glad ive got through my first weekend...i take my hat off to everyone on here who have stuck with it for months so everyone keep up the good work i hope i can:confused: though i dont mind the shake they are repetetive so i might get a flapjack or a soup at my weigh in on tuesday ...has anyone tried these what do you think????
I tried one of them peanut butter tasting flapjacks, I really didn't mind it, I took very small bits with water, was just nice to have solid good for once :) x
I'm on the mens and I made a nice wee mousse today actually, I used about 100ml of water with my mens shake :) I think put 75ml in and stir, and add more water to get the right mousse :-D I also poped mine in the fridge for 10 mins :-D no I haven't tried the soup, I'm asking for it tommorow at my weigh in, going to try one packet :-D haha imagine you could have a shake like Noodle Soup, I'd love that :-( I'll let ya know what I think x
I love the soup, I actually prefer it to the shakes, I add more water to it and it really fills me up, great for getting you warm too lol. I don't feel i am being cheated to much when others eat as i am having something warm and savory too. I personally hated the flapjacks and i usually like anything, but you may do :) just buy 1 to find out maybe? I am returning mine tomorrow. Good luck. x

Frank it doe get better, I have nearly been in pain when preparing meals for my family, but past few days it hasnt bothered me at all!
The soups lovely with added black pepper. The flapjacks on the other hand are awful,ive never tasted anything quite like them .You might like them though. :)
Just having the chicken soup now :) smells lovely and just feels like I'm having a real meal :-D is it ok to have pepper yeah? x
I think its hard when there is food around! My husband got a takeaway last night and the smell was difficult!! But you survived and so did I!! And it'll be worth it in another few weeks!

I'm not a fan of the soup, although I found it best mixed in cold water and heated in microwave. I've seen different views on it here, but my understanding is that you're not allowed add anything to it - peppers, herbs etc. The only thing "extra" we can have is sweetners - which I don't use at all. But check with your pharmacist.
yeah it does i have the soup around 8 in the evening ,it both warms me &fills me up . Hope you enjoyed it! :)
The lipotrim web site says no to even pepper. Many people add things but personally if im going to do it 100% im not risking it for pepper.
Really? i didn't know that. Infact it was the lady at the chemist who told me to add it :eek:
Thanks for letting me know, i'll stop putting it in
I contacted Lipotrim and they said you can add only black ground pepper, the reason they say no pepper is because there are so many things mixed with some pepper they advise against it because it reverses Ketosis, as some pepper is mixed with berries etc ;-) hope this help, I use strictly black ground pepper and I'm still losing wieght :)
YAY I love black pepper! phew thats good i was gutted b4, ty:)

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Well done on sticking 100%. It will get easier. Whilst on TFR you realise a lot about food 1: how much we actually eat 2: how often we eat 3: how much time we spend planning menus, buying food, cooking food etc etc. 4: why eat , when we are sad/happy/bored or just hungry. In short we realise how life seems to centre around food. Some of us have to learn to battle with managing our intake. We can do it so keep going.

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