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Finding it hard...

Yes, I feel exactly the same!! Had my first meal tonight and feel that horrible, bloated uncomfortably full, and I have such a horrible taste in my mouth, along with it being really dry- no matter how much I drink! And I did feel so guilty eating. I am convinced I ate too much which doesn't help. I miss the shakes so much ( I normally have my last one at 10pm, so am really craving it now!!)

I know we can't stay on the shakes forever (unfortunately! Life was so much simpler!) I am sure we are feeling like this as our body is adjusting to the food, just like we felt horrid when we first started the shakes, that took some getting used to, but we did it, and I am sure we will with food intro (Not sure who I am trying to convince, you or me lol!)

Anyway, I hope you start to feel better soon x


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Hi Strawberry

Sorry to hear you are not finding refeeding easy.....I think your fear is only to be expected, and maybe you didnt look at food issues whilst you were on TFR.

I have an eating disorder and I spent a lot of time really assessing why I did what I did, etc, so that when I eventually ate, I would be in more control.

Maybe you need to do a wee bit of soul searching. Remember, food isnt our enemy; in fact it can be nice, so long as our mind is in the right place.

Try and relax around food and stop feeling guilty. You will eventually cave in if you dont address this....

You must have self control, etc....we all have that have gone through LT and come out the other end slimmer and healthier..so, now, from deep within, you need to find that control in a different way...so you can start to become friends with food again.

You have to eat, you cant live on shakes all your life..remember LT was a tool to get you to your desired weight...now, the tool has gone and the hard work begins and that begins with you.....you now have to make concious choices every day.

Sorry, waffling a little.......I just find it so sad that you have come so far, but yet feel so miserable around food. WE should be rejoicing and giving ourselves huge round of applause for getting where we are!! Always so hard on ourselve!!!

Take a step back, relax......read other people's experiences and learn.

I am sure everything will fall into place, but remember to keep positive always!

Take care and do hope this has helped....feel as though I have waffled on and on and not really got to a point :)


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Hear, Hear - what Iris said! x


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hi strawberry and liz, congratulations an all ye're wait loss thats fantastic, :)

and i have to say i agree with everything scots said,

its only your first week you will find your own routine, its so daunting but you will work out whats best for you and be comfortable with it,

again congrats ;)
Nothing to add as to what has already been said, but I hope you start to feel more comfortable and relaxed around food. Obviously it does take a wee while to adjust to eating food again after TFR, but it will become easier and more enjoyable.

Good luck.


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OMG!!! That is absolutely amazing, I bet you are over the moon!! I have heard so many stories that people have a gain or sts in the first week of re-feed, that is fantastic news, bet you were doing cart wheels all the way home!!! You must put a diary on so I can follow your plan!! I am convinced I will have put weight on this week as I feel like I have eaten like a horse!!

Are you carrying on with the re-feed regime or just eating healthily now?

Again, a massive well done, you are my inspiration!! Hope your feeling more comfortable with eating now
I was more than cartwheeling, let me tell you! Haha! It means I won't feel so bad eating on my birthday as I know there is a bit of room for a small gain! I still want to lose about a stone, so I'm going to do one shake and two meals a day and see how that goes for the meantime! I still have a few shakes to use and then when they are finished I will just be eating healthily to try and get rid of the rest of the weight.

Hope you are doing ok! I still find it strange eating but am feeling slightly happier. I think it will take time though! I was going to put up a diary but I'm worried that I would be criticised for not eating enough :confused:

Take care x


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I also have about just under a stone I would like to lose. I think I am eating too much!!! Have stuck to the sheet, but think the amount I am eating is a lot. I hope not, getting quite into eating now, it was a shock for the first 3 days, and I really missed my shake routine. I am going to carry on with the LT re-feed programme for awhile yet, 1 shake and 2 low fat meals, really quite enjoying it. However, LT stated you could gain weight this way!!!!! Everyone on here said that was rubbish. I find the meal planning quite satisfying, so hopefully I can carry on for awhile and get the rest of the weight off this way.

Get your dairy up, everyone will help you along (although this bit of the forum has been pretty quiet the past couple of days, I think I've scared everyone off with all my question's lol), and it will help others to have a lose like you did. I am still gobsmacked that you lost that amount of weight on your first week of re-feed, it's amazing!!
Well done on your loss, thats great for you.

Dont worry about being criticised, at the end of the day, its entirely up to you, but if you are NOT eating enough, then thats just as bad as over-eating. You should be eating well balanced and nutritious meals.

I cant say too much though, because when I go out drinking, I definitely DONT eat enough - its something I need to work on.

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