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Finding it hard...

Hey there, well this is my first post, just found this forum and thought I'd ask for a little help ;)

I've been a yo-yo dieter for years, recently recovering from bullimia and taking some dangerous diet drugs. I made the decision a week ago that I wanted to get healthy and lose weight slowly, the healthy way. I gave up alcohol (I was drinking almost every day thro depression), and changed my diet completely. I've also decided I'd like to start running with a view to possibly competing in a half marathon at the end of the year. I'm not drastically overweight, I'm 138lbs and 5' 2". I'd like to get down to about 115lbs. I'm of course prepared to do this the sensible way for the first time in my life, its a huge step for me and I spent the first week going thro severe headaches, anxiety, mood-swings and cravings. They've since subsided and I've been granted a much clearer head and a great sense of wellbeing.

Only thing is, I haven't lost a single pound :cry: I know that my health is the most important thing, and I've put my body through a lot over the years, but a pound or two weight loss a week, I feel I need to keep me on the right track. Does anyone know where I'm going wrong?

My average daily diet is:

bow of porridge with skimmed milk, kiwi fruit & half a banana

brown rice stir fry with peppers, mushrooms

chicken breast, grilled, with veg.

snacks would be, low fat yoghurt, fruit. I also drink 2-3 litres of water a day (as I suffered terribly with dehydration for months)

On top of that, I do around half an hours exercise a day, which is 15mins brisk walk and 15mins run (I'm very much a beginner! :p )

Id really appreciate any input anyone may have on this, and any pointers and guidelines will be much appreciated too.

Nice to meet you all and I look forward to exploring this lovely forum :)

(oops just realised I may have posted this in the wrong forum )
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hey there cherry. welcome to the forum :) more help and guidance than you could ever need on here.

all i can suggest is upping your water intake a bit and maybe cutting down the carbs a wee bit, but to be honest you should lose weight on what you are doing. you've just given your body one hell of a shock and it will be conserving energy while it gets through that. now that you are feeling better i'm sure your body will respond with far more enthusiasm.

good luck :D

abz xx
Hey there, thanks for the reply :)

Well I've been kind of putting this down to my body recovering from what I put it through, and maybe even my sluggish metabolism kick-starting again, I really hope thats all it is, but its so hard to get the motivation to reach for the salad or put on your running shoes when you think it wont make a difference if you just go back to bed!

I'm gonna try and concentrate primarily on my health and hopefully weight loss will be a side-effect... fingers crossed!


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Hiya cherry have a hug:hug99:

Ive found the best way for myself is to use a smaller plate so im not putting as much food on it. i dunno if this will be any help for you or not, and ive been putting salad with just about everything and having smaller portions of the food ive been cooking for the rest of the family.
Good luck and keep smiling and this forum is brilliant for encouragement so keep reading the posts ive found it great to come on everyday and keep myself motivated.

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