finding it really hard today - clost to cracking

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  1. fingersx

    fingersx Full Member

    hi, am fed up with it all today, I'm on wk 3 of SS and have been 100%. Its so hard with young children and am beginning to think and decide to loose weight (albeit more slowly) following a low carb diet that includes small portions. That way I can join in having what my family and have the odd treat.
    I sat and watch them eat 'proper' fish and chips today by the sea - it was agony!

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  3. ginola14

    ginola14 Member

    I have today as well but try to get to Monday as weekends are hard. Maybe set yourself anothe 4 weeks then say u will doo ss plus
  4. oisin

    oisin Silver Member

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    Aw hun you have been doing so well so far it would be a shame to give up on it now.
    I know its not easy with young kids at home but just take each day as it comes.. soon your gonna look and feel fantastic and all the hard work will have paid off.
  5. spangles

    spangles Bouncy Castle

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    Cambridge Diet
    You must do what you think you have the best chance of sticking to, long term. Obv we all want to do it as quickly as possible, but for lots of us on SS, we do it because it's the only diet we can stick to. Because if you can't have anything at all, then there are no slippery slopes. Other people stick well with SS+ or the 810.

    Reality check, though. No matter what low carb diet you were on, you coulnt have had the fish and chips. Moments of jealousy like that are unavoidable on diets.
  6. MrsFatBum

    MrsFatBum Gold Member

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    i know how hard it must be because ive been in that position where i have had people over for dinner and watched them eat.. cooked for inlaws etc etc... and its crazy coz u wish you could just have a bit.

    if you feel really bad then maybe you should consider a diet that is more suitable for your lifestyle.

    i have just got back today from a weeks hol in Majorca with my husband. we are both doing cd and we stuck to our diet whilst we were out there. it was awful seeing people sat around the pool eating pizza and the waft of food coming from every direction but we just kept at it.

    i guess i proved to myself that its amazing the things i can do when i set my heart to it. think about how badly you want to get to the end of your weightloss journey and if it doesnt motivate you then i definitely think your right about doing a diff diet xx

    good luck with whatever you decide to do x
  7. Nette

    Nette Full Member

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    You'll get your reward at your next weigh in! Well done tho for not giving in, it'll be worth it. I started off on SS but now I normally have a SS+ meal so I can join in at meal time, I normally just have the meat and fill my plate out with salad x
  8. fingersx

    fingersx Full Member

    thanks all, I feel better and more positive now, I had my chocolate shake and cup of tea for dinner! I will watch X factor with a cup of decaff coffee feeling righteous and looking forward to WI on Weds!

    My plan is to do 1 more wk of SS and then move up the steps based on advice from my CDC. I know I always say it but I hate wkends on CD!
  9. Jayellekay

    Jayellekay this time - the last time

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    I know - its so hard!
    (Feeling sorry for myself tonight)

    Glad you kept on the straight and narrow. The result'll be worth it!
  10. SurreySuperTrooper

    SurreySuperTrooper Full Member

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    Well done for riding out the urges. I have a little boy and I tend to have my SS+ meal when we are all having our supper. It's working out quite well so far.

    Good luck for the rest of the weekend!
  11. loulou1

    loulou1 Member

    Well done to you week 3 on SS with a family in no small feat, I am just on week 2 of SS and also have a family and it's sometimes totally horrid.

    Weekend's are just a misery for me and I am totally fed up and feel sorry for myself. I am not sure that will ever go but it's not forever and I will enjoy my weekends more after this.
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