finding it soooo hard


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Hey Drumard
when did you restart Lipo again? I know it's so tough at the beginning tho if you could even hang in for the first week it would give you that kick start and prob you'd get a 10lb weight loss? Then you would start to feel your clothes looser and at least would be well on your way? I know it's tough my love, if it's not for you don't beat yourself up about it.
Take care janie x


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hi drumard hang in the re the 1st week is hell but you will be well reward at wi
all the best were here for you


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Give it a go, you've bought the stuff, you might as well use it. Stay here for a couple of weeks, all the motivation and help you need is here. Just do it, it's not the hardest thing you've ever done - you've given birth, remember? :D


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hi. i am like you i did it in june and with in 5 weeks i lost 17 pounds....with loads of cheating i have to say. any way i always said i will go back on to it after the summer as we had loads of family wedding and other occ. so i did i went back on it in sept and i have to say i failed miserably. i hated myself not being able to do it again. but in th elast month i put on 4 pounds... in total it was 7 pounds because i was going through a hard time at work n i eat in stress.... i couldnt handle it as i went back to size 14 clothes... and i have restared it again 2 days ago but mentally i am ready i think. i needed a reson and i think that what is was for me... my clothes size. and the first time was i went over 11 stones.once the scales hit 11st 1 nthat was it i had to do it.....
maybe u really need an aim or a real reason. if u understand what i mean. u hav edone it before and maybe u needed to loose that 3 st.... but now u r not feeling as bad that u feel too loose ne more. coz i started second time but i didnt need to loose it as i had lost so much in my eyes....
i hope that all made sense to u.. but always rem how u felt as the weight dropped off last time


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i feel your pain, i have lost 2 stone this year thru ww and lt and now its time to get another 2 off. I feel great etc but i can feel myself letting go so i wanna make another burst. Im on a carb free week this week because my withdrawals were so bad last time so im trying to eliminate as much pain as i can. Come Tuesday Im back on Lipotrim, ill feel like sh1te yeah but itl be for a max of 6 days then the weight starts coming off, the energy levels rise, the compliments start flowing and best of all im proud of me. This is the fastest way you will ever loose weight, you have started, why would you stop? you are obviously at the last straw to contemplate a tfr diet, we all are. Comeone lets stick together and do it, the results are stunning. Why can one girl do it and you cant comeon!!!!!!!


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Hi drumard64,

Please dont give up,you did so well before and you can do it again, remember how you felt when you lost the weight the last time??? wouldnt it be great to feel that way again?
Im on day2 and its so hard, but i have to lose 5 stone and all i can think about is wearing skinny jeans & feeling good about myself again..oh and getting compliments from males (as ive been single for over 2 years).
Keep logging on here and get the great support from everyone here, and youll be able to keep going.
Finally....:patback::hug99:i think you need one of those.
Skinny-me x
Wow you're all so supportive to each other i know i'm only reading this..nosey I suppose ! just started thinking how long will i be in this state before the weight starts to shift...on day 6 wi tomorrow but dont feel i've lost anything? jeans are baggy but they go like that then when washed are tighter. I just want to start to see something but reading these posts have made me feel a little more optimistic. I have 7 stone to lose ideally. x


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trust me it wil get easier after the first week and the weight will start falling off in no time