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finding myself again


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hello all i have decided to start my own diary

my name is jassmin i am 22 and need to lose five stone i am 5 '1 and look like a sausage :eek:

i have had two children and put on 5 ish stone , just by eating stupid amounts and hiding behind being pregnant of just habing a child... i currently weigh 14 stone 6 lbs :eek::eek:

i was at my heaviest at 16 stone after i had my last child i have lost over a stone over a period of six months but i eat very badly it is affecting my marrige my husband openly says i am too fat and makes me feel bad when i eat rubbish food i am miserable that i can just about wedge in a size 20

i have days of eating well other times il happily order a take away when my husband isnt there :eek: and eat a whole pizza large chips and have full sugar coke , i also struggle not to eat crisps and sweets and can easily eat three or more packets of crisps in one go... i need to change my eating pattern i am already struggling

yesterday i ate

special k for breakfast then at lunch i had a tuna pasta and then weight watchers ready meal for dinner and ate fruit in between

i am struggling as i am still eating a lot !

today i have had

i went to a bbq at lunch and had to have one sausage and a plain roll as the rest would have taken all my calories then ive had two bananas and a muller croner corner yought ( not the best choice i know ) and i am now considering what to have for dinner ....
my calories today

one sausage and a small roll 239 cals

2 small bananas 140 cals

muller youghurt 146 cals

525 calories left and ive had about 21 grams of fat

may have scrambled egg on toast
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Aww. I just wanted to wish you luck really, you sound like you are trying really hard:) You remind me of me too, similar height and weight, and my husband was also not very nice on many occassions *See you failed your diet again* amongst worse:rolleyes: I am divorcing him at the moment, funnily enough:cool:

Are you following any set plan?


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thanks yes i often used to get that remark aswell :rolleyes:

i am trying to eat well but stick to 1000 cals a day and move a bit more:eek:


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ok so not really doing very well .... yesterday i had

weight watchers beef hot pot

fish with beans
2l water and a cornetto ice cream oh dear ! so not the best day