Finding others peoples happiness hard to cope with.


Starting again...
You may remember a post I did about a night out I had planned in dec where my friend is coming down and I was going to be really slim and surprise her, to find out shes lost loads of weight herself, that did upset me, but shes just text me to say that the night out will be her hen night as shes getting married in january :(

I cant be happy as shes got everything I want, shes lost all her weight and shes going to have a happy marriage.:eek:

I dont want to be bitter but I am. I'm misrable. And getting quite depressed to be honest. :( I know I will get better and I know things have only just happened to me, but my emotions are getting the better of me...

Thanks I needed to get it of my chest.
hiya, sometimes its difficult to be happy for people when things arent going right for you at that time....just keep up all your hard work...i'm sure she'll be so impressed anyways that you ahve lost so much weight as well....and you have a brand new start ahead!
I hope you are feeling a little better now you have typed it, we all feel negative emotions at times but they are very hard to deal with too.

Just think, come december you could be 2s lighter and feel so much better about yourself, and the good thing is that you posted in here instead of reaching for the dreaded biscuits, that is something to be proud of.

And, watch out all those men on your night out, you will be fighting them off x x
And the thing is 5toL you were not a happy married person either, were you? You had to put up with all that negative stuff. OK, your friend has lost some weight, well you are doing the same. She is getting married, new start for her, you have split up from someone who did not make you happy, new start for you! IT is all about how you see it, you are a good person working hard at making a good life for yourself and your child, comparing yourself with anyone else is pointless and fruitless. Be glad for your friend but be glad for yourself too, you have a bright new life ahead too.

Love and hugs
I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling down, hun - but that's completely normal and to be expected.

I will hold my hands up and admit that I've felt similar emotions when at my lowest ebb. I think that everyone has, if they're truly honest.

It doesn't make us bad people, it makes us human.

As one person who has been through an very unhappy marriage and a nasty divorce, please believe me when I say that you will feel better in time - it's still very early days for you.

When I saw my first divorce solicitor, he told me that it takes 2 years to get over a divorce. Longer if the split is acrimonious. That horrified me at the time but he was right.

Give yourself time. Love yourself as much as you can - and your babies - and you will gain an inner strength that you didn't know you had.

If you can get your head around the diet, it would be a great thing for you to do as it's the one thing you might feel that you are in control of right now and will make you feel physically more attractive and confident.

Thinking of you!
Time is a great healer. I have also experienced a separation and a divorce and i went through hell but things do get better in time. And feel happy for your friend. You are also going to lose weight and will be happy with your children.
Irene xx