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Finding sw hard this time!!!!

Hi is anyone else having difficulty getting in the zone just now?? I done sw 3 year ago after hvn my daughter and lost 3 and a half stone ( lost the weight for my wedding). After the birth of our second child 5 month ago, I joined again when she was 2 weeks. I started the end of June and lost nearly 2 stone ( for our holiday in the sep )...I was off plan for 6 weeks and put 1 stone back on....and now I am stuck, I just can't get back into it or have the willpower to stop eating very high synned goodies. Also can't get the motivation to do any exercise......

I want to lose 2 stone at least but really don't think it's ever going to happen...

Any advice??

1 20/06/2011 14 st 4 ½ lbs -
2 27/06/2011 13 st 13 ½ lbs - 5 lbs
3 04/07/2011 13 st 10 ½ lbs - 8 lbs
4 11/07/2011 13 st 8 ½ lbs - 10 lbs
5 18/07/2011 13 st 4 lbs - 1 st ½ lbs
6 25/07/2011 13 st 3 ½ lbs - 1 st 1 lb
7 01/08/2011 13 st 1 lb - 1 st 3 ½ lbs
8 08/08/2011 12 st 13 ½ lbs - 1 st 5 lbs
9 15/08/2011. 12 st 12 lbs - 1 st 6 ½ lbs
10 22/08/2011 12 st 8 lbs - 1 st 10 ½ lbs
11 29/08/2011 On holiday
12 05/09/2011 On holiday
13 12/09/2011 On holiday
14 19/09/2011 Never went back to class
15 26/09/2011 Never went back to class
16 03/10/2011 never went back to class
17 10/10/2011 13 st 8 lbs - 10 ½ lbs
18 17/10/2011 13 st 5 lbs - 13 ½ lbs
19 24/10/2011 13 st 2 ½ lbs - 1 st 2 lbs
20 31/10/2011 On holiday
21 07/11/2011 13 st 4 lbs - 1 st ½ lbs
22 14/11/2011. 13 st 4 lbs - 1 st ½ lbs
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The sw mag suggested writing a list of pro's & cons to why joined in first place & what you will gain by loosing weight.
Might motivate you a bit.
Staying on here, keeps me on the straight & narrow x


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Firstly it's a hard slog to carry on with some thing when u are not in the zone. May be you are putting too much pressure on your self, after all you have not long had a baby. I know exactly where u are coming from I've tried twice now to loose weight with out success and it's all down to state of mind. So I think u have 2 options firstly give yourself a break and come back to it in the new year. Or keep persevering, do your best to have a couple of good days, which will spur you on and help u to get into the zone. My last attempt I decided to walk away and come back to it. I've been back 4 weeks, I have new recipes, motivation and determination. I cant even tell u how I got myself back In the zone, it just clicked back into place.
Thank you for your replies. I will defo have a look in the magazine and do a pros and cons list. I must have missed that one.

I think I have been putting too much pressure on myself and joined too quick after my second baby. I don't think I would have done it so quick if we hadn't been going to cyprus in September there.
If I stop following the plan completely I know i will just pile the weight on. I'm going to try my best to follow it and start complete fresh in the new year....on the plus side I'm still 1 stone off since re-joining and anything I get up until is a bonus...right??? Lol. Xx
My dislike of tight clothes and a roll of flab hanging over my jeans always gives me a kick start.

I love the face that now I can wear all my clothes and they look nice. Thats what keeps me in check lol.

Good luck and remember what a glam mummy you will be!!
I can't wait until the flab doesn't roll over and I'm not covering up in baggy cardigans and oversized tops..I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my friend in may 2012 and we are going shopping on Saturday for dresses, I'm not looking forward to it.....

Need to be good with syns until then as we will be going for lunch and a couple of drinks... I have been good so far this week. Seems to go all to pot if I have things on at the weekend.
I'm going to be a bridesmaid for my friend in may 2012 and we are going shopping on Saturday for dresses, I'm not looking forward to it.....

Need to be good with syns until then as we will be going for lunch and a couple of drinks... I have been good so far this week. Seems to go all to pot if I have things on at the weekend.
Try and look at the nice styles and remember that just cause don't fit / suit you now doesn't mean you wont look amazing in May - even at 1lb per week, you could loose 24lb+ so dropping 2 sizes

So plan ahead. Work out what syns you've used so far in your week and then you'll know how many drinks you could have (vodka is 2.5 syns per 25ml) and then enjoy x
Aw when you say it like that ( lose 1lb ) per week it sounds so much better than thinking of the long haule. I would be totally over the moon losing 2 stone by then....

Not had any syns today and feeling positive of the wknd ahead ( for now lol).....

Thanks for your advice :) :)


Proud to be a loser!!
I'm finding that keeping a food diary like I did at the very beginning is helping, its so easy to forget what you've eaten and hard to keep track if you don't write it down. Good luck, you've done it before, you'll do it again x :)


Proud to be a loser!!
Thanks Leannedo, I've got to say I was rather pleased with myself for maintaining all that time, however extremely annoyed that I let it slip, I went from being just half a pound out of my target zone, which I though would be really easy to put right, to having put on a stone..aaargh!!! I'm determined to get back where I was though, we can all help each other achieve our goals x :family2:
Hi leannedo, maybe you could plan and cook your meals in advance so that when you do get hungry all you need to do is reheat and not have to wait for it to cook. I find on the EE plan I am so full with having to have 1/3 meal in superfree food I am never hungry, when it comes to meal times I am usually not hungry but I make myself eat and am not turning to the cupboards at night time .Also I think the fruit is curbing cravings for sweet things.
Try not to have high syned treats in the house if you can. I have my own little goodie box where treats range from 3 to 6 syns. I dont often turn to it but it is nice to have a choice when I need it.
My fav treat is a 30g bag airpopped popcorn 6 syns. The bag is huge and it lasts a while. Best of luck.
Suzyflo oh i so know how u feel. i has lost 2 stone before my hols. i totally fell off the wagon for about six weeks and put on a stone...arghhhh. so been doing sw for 22 weeks now and only a stone off now after my gain...your right tho, we can help and motivate each other x
Hi deede, i try to make homecooked meals as often as i can. made a huge pasta bol today and been picking back at it tonight lol...i find it really tuff when i hve nothing organised as i tend jst to eat whats in sight. also hard resisting my daughters left overs ( all syns that never gets counted )....do u folloe ee all the time?? I sometimes find it hard only hvn one a choice and one b choice.

The popcorn sounds good, i love popcorn. what make do u get and where do u get it?? Will need to give it a try. 6 syns is good for a treat. x

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