Finding this so hard

I am currently on Day 6 of my LL journey, I have done it beofre and I was sailing through, till I fell pregnant :).
Anyway, Im back anfd larger than ever and I am finding it so much harder this time, even though I am bigger than ever and want to be slim even more now for my little girl.

I am reading through all of your posts and looking at before and after pics and am full of admiration for all of you. I mean, how do you stay motivated for so long ( I a m looking to lose nealry 13 stone.

So if any one can help me find my motivation I would be grateful, and also tips on how some of you long termers stuck it for so long.

Will it get easier?
Hya Chub

I am no expert and no long termer - I am on my 7th day of LL, but hopefully my words of encouragement will help you.

Try setting yourself smaller goals - ie take each week at a time, do not lose sight of the end target but don't focus on it so much that you will find it more & more impossible. Despite having varying amounts of weight to lose I think it can always be a daunting prospect and somethime an impossible dream, but it isn't, as you say the pics and the threads on here are testimony to that.

Remember you can & you will - you did ok before and you will be as successful this time. We are all here for you and will support you through this.

Much love
Hello Chubbybutt and Welcome back to lighterlife!!

Well done for getting to day 6!

At the begining of my journey in October 2006 I just kept thinking about christmas, new year and all the food I would be missing out on. I spoke with my LLc who said that if I keep looking too much in to the furture then I will fail. From that point I just took every day at a time and felt great achievement whe I woke every morning knowing that that was another day I could tick off.
At the end of the day conventional food is just food it isn't everything. You can still do everything you have always done and enjoy yourself. Don't beat yourself up. As every minute passes you are loosing weight.
Good luck and keep posting on here. I hope that I have helped in some way but remember you are not alone.
Lots of hugs and keep focused.
Welcome and well done for committing to losing weight: you'll feel better for it and your little girl will benefit from a happier, heathier mum.

Having a lot of weight to lose IS daunting (I had 12st to lose in the beginning) so I also advocate chopping your goals into small managable amounts. The 10% idea is a good one: you want to lose about 180lb so every time you lose 18lb, that's another 10% gone.

Also, goals like getting down into the next stone bracket, the next dress size down or losing another inch are all great goals to aim for ... don't just have one goal - have lots! :)
And don't forget rewards (not food related of course! lol)

There are all sorts of things you can do here ... a manicure when you're in the next stone bracket down, new sexy knickers every time you lose a stone, a fancy bath product when you lose another 10%, a new hair colour at the hairdressers etc etc ... all different prices depending on the significance of the milestone.

You absolutely CAN do this CB and we'll be with you all the way!

Good luck
I, like most, am unable to look too far ahead - as soon as I do it all goes wrong... I think this is because I have no control over it! :(
I too, can only take 1 day at a time - the weekends are a nightmare and I'm dreading this one as its my re-start too :(
But I'm going to try & get online (if the kids allow it??? :rolleyes: ) & come here to keep occupied & motivated.
I admire you for taking such positive steps to deal with your weight :) .
Luv Clare xxx
Hi, ive around 10 stone to lose so i know how daunting it feels. Im setting myself small goals, like the one in my signature. I reckon i need about 2stone off for my ring to fit again and i know thats acheivable in a fairly short space of time. Once ive got there, im going to have my nails done as a reward so i can flash my rings off without being embarrassed about my dodgy work worn hands.
Not sure yet what my next goal will be but again will make it something i know i can acheive quickly.
Wishing you all the best for your journey, you can do it, you will do it.
:) What a good idea Happe to have your nails done when the ring fits. That is also one of my goals to wear my wedding and engagement ring again. I haven't been able to wear them for about 7 years now. I can't wait.

Chube please just try and get through this. I am on day 3 and am finding it quite difficult now. I am starving! I've just made dinner for my 3 children and am practically drooling over it.

Try and keep it up though and we can encourage each other!

You've had some cracking ideas - I just wanted to wish you luck ;) You can do this - just get through the next five minutes, and the five mins after that.....
I agree with DQ - these are all great suggestions CB and the 5 min thing really does work. Before you know it an hour has passed.

Just stay strong hun by thinking of how you'll feel when you go to bed tonight and you've stuck to your guns!

It's one of the best feelings when you climb into your bed, all clean with the lamp on read a couple of pages of a mag or book then as your eyes start to get heavy you can let out a big sigh of satisfaction that you have got through another day, which, to be fair is a mountain!!!
Stay strong xxx
Well done for coming back, that is the hardest step of all!
Good luck and come on here a lot these guys are my motivation!x