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finding ti really hard today:(


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dont know whats up weith me today but im finding it really hard and i really want to eat hence why ive logged on here(dont worry i aint going to let this beat me )i kinda no i did cheat last week and refeed for a cay so i couldhave a few drinks with a friend i hadnt seen in ages last weekend and i restarted lipo on tue and have been 100%since them but sice restarting ive hardly any energy where as before i broke it i had loads of energy what am i doing wrong this time i know im in ketosis as i have d furry tongue and dat but where has my energy gone i really need it back i spent the day on the couch yesterday which is something i would never ever do today we went to a fair and d kids got curry chips oh the smell i was so tempted and again tonight making dinner but i didnt eat as i really really want this weight off for my hols ive been thinking positive and have fab clothes picked for my hols but i think if i had of had refeed food in my fridge i would have eaten it i done the diet 2 yrs ago and lost loads but i really dont remember it being this hard i even went away for weekends last time and stuck to the diet anyone any help tips or ideas for me as im kinda half thinking of switching and ddoing a diferent diet but at the same time i dint want to either HELP SOS
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Back on the diet train...
aww hunny im sori u findin it hard. i did the last time i was on it but my 3rd time round has been easier so far (only on day 5). just see how u feel 2mo b4 u make any decisions bout changin. i had a bad day yesterday, didnt get out of bed, felt blah but 2day was good. hopefully u will feel better 2mo.

sendin u a big hug :)




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Oh Loudei big hugz hunny :hug99:

It is so hard at times isn't it. Try to do things to take your mind off wanting to eat which will also help to motivate you. Think about what you have planned for your holiday. Research your hotel, check out the pool and imagine yourself there in your bikini :D

What have you got planned? Think about strolling along the beach in your fab clothes.

Pamper yourself with a nice bath, candles, the works. Try on some clothes which used to be tight.

Drink as much water as it takes to make you feel full, it will help you lose more weight and make you feel full at the same time.

Also imagine the feeling inside you is your worst enemy who is trying to spoil your efforts. Don't let it win.

I hope you start to find it easier soon.

Colleen xx


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Feeling a good bit better today and im quite proud of myself for not eating yesterday i have my weight in tomorrow so fingers crossed but can i just say omg wot a horrible feeling yesterday was i was so pi**ed off but mainly with myself im terrified i will cave in had i been alone yesterday with food i defo think i would have ate but my hubbie stuck around me as i had told him how i felt


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Congratulations for not giving in that's fantastic and I'm glad your feeling better :) Good Luck with your weigh in tomorrow I bet it makes it all worth while xx


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wow such a different person i am today i feel great after work i cleaned out all the presses(i only work until half 12) in my kitchen had my little nephews over for the afternoon made dinner them took my boys to there hurling game and i still feel great :D im going to head to bed for a well deserved early night

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