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Fine for a few days then BANG!


Dave's little girl
Over the past few days I have done well - no exercise but eating in moderation and I have had a loss of 4lbs since Monday. However, today - my husbands first day back at work - bang! I am back to square one.

Why do I struggle so much when I am on my own with regards to my binges. I am fine around others - completely. I think I am going to have to find some company for the rest of my life!

Seriously, how do I stop? Clearly I have it in me as I dont do it when he is with me...
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Baby Cakes... Please dont think I am being Rude (because I am not meaing to be.) I was thinking. after reading your post, that you are perhaps suffering a lot from Bordem eating?

I know that I have the same. If I am at home on my own then I feel like I can eat whenever I want. And because I dont seem to have a stop button at the moment, I end up eating much much more then I should!

What I suggest is making sure you are busy throughout the day. Not only will it mean you stop eating when you shouldnt, but you will be so tierd at the end of the day resulting in you sleeping better too!

I have found that if I am home alone, I will ban myself from the kitchen... because as soon as I am hovering in the kitchen I start to nibble.. and then BINGE! ;)


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What do you really like doing? Pick it up as a hobby!

I like gaming so I have an Xbox 360 that I use with Kinect. Not only am I moving about (and burning calories) I am having fun too.

Or do you like reading? Read a few books in the day.

Anything that keeps you out of the kitchen and keeps your mind focused is good. :)

What about joining a local class in something you like? Then you would be making new friends in your area. :)


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I know that feeling, it's hard. When I'm at uni (I'm training as a teacher) it's far easier to stick with it. Now that it's Christmas and I've got 3 weeks off I just don't know what to do with myself and I find there's a lot more temptation to eat. I don't have many friends locally either, so I know that it's difficult. Maybe you could go to an exercise class or something, try and make some local friends?


Dave's little girl
I do read a lot - over the past couple of days I have read a couple of books. I was contemplating getting a kindle, but I think that should be one of my rewards along the way.

I am going to try and wrap myself up in exercise and low GL eating and hope that it will provoke the disappearance of the binges.


Bouncy Castle
if you're not working could you enrol on a course?


Dave's little girl
I work during the week, currently off due to xmas, at a school proving ICT support. I really enjoy the work - although the money is no where near the ball.

I really dont think I'd have time to enrol on a course. My husband works funny patterns - a few nights, a few days off, a few days in work, a few days off and back to nights again. I didnt realise it would cause me such harm.

I definately do think it is the loneliness/boredom that is doing it, but how do I break it?


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I know you want it to be a reward but I really would get a Kindle! I was the same as you when I was off work and sat at home on my own I used to pop in kitchen and binge a bit!

But since I got my kindle I find that my mind is focused on the book and it helps big time with cravings! Also an entire library at your fingertips! start a book, don't like it? NEXT! hehe

Rather than sitting or waiting to go buy another book which is when the mind wonders again!


Dave's little girl

I'm off to get one tomorrow afternoon with the hubby. At the same time we are going to get some quotes for our holiday. This year we are off to Prague in June for a week.

I find reading does keep a lot of thoughts at bay. I have just finished Reading a James Patterson Thriller - Tick Tock.

I also understand that you can put pdfs/technical manuals onto them - it sounds like it would be great for my study too.

Just hope it helps the binges too - i think if they went I would be a healthy weight...