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I've never really had nails! At work they had to be kept short (hospital) and they were always thin and bendy so they never really grew. However since I retired I suddenly seem to have thick nails which grow :D unfortunately I have no idea what to do with them! I'm thinking of having a manicure to start me off, but in the meantime I need some info please.
Are all nail varnish removers the same?
How long should the varnish last before chipping? I use an undercoat and overcoat.
Will I ever be able to put it on without getting it down the side skin of my nails? :p
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I have thick nails which refuse to break, and in the past have broken nail clippers! Depending on the varnish you choose and what you do, can expect perfect nails for a few days at least! The tips of mine always get worn due to typing so much, but i don't bother with undercoat/overcoat.
Never had a manicure, but might treat myself one day. I paint my own, usually in either a solid colour, or a french manicure.
And after removing polish, I always moisturise, and wait a day or two till I repolish.
If you leave a little gap at the side of the nail you wont get any on the skin at the side of them, plus it will make them look longer. If you do have a little bit on the side dip a cotton bud in some nail polish remover.

Light colours might be best to start with-they are a lot more forgiving when it comes to mistakes

It all depends what you do how long they will look pretty for! Dishes are a killer!

Have fun


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Judi - you need to invest in some opi's! They have the loveliest colours and a salon-looking finish. go to OPI and then click 'try it on', then find them on ebay cheaper! whooop! I have about 15 so far, i lovelovelove them. Currently wearing Japanese Rose Garden :) xxx
I love OPI and am now becoming addicted to Leighton Denny!!! pity I can't wear varnish at work :(

Some of my nails are very soft, I can bend them right over the fingertip! not found anything yet to help them, probably because I don't keep up with the regime!!!

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