Extra Easy fingers crossed


is doin this
its been my first complete week doing extra easy this week and i have throughly enjoyed it.me and my family have eaten the same meals all week its been so simple but why have i got a nagging feeling that i feel ive put on.ive eaten so much fruit and veg this week so ive definatley had my 1/3 of free food with every meal. in fact i think tea times i sit here muttering to myself this cant be right for a diet surley.
But tis 1st weigh in tomorrow so wish me luck and i really do hope ive lost....the pound at least that i put on last week... oops.
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Mrs V

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Good luck Hun..Im doing a couple of EE days this week, just to vary things a little and I really do enjoy it..it feels more like a treat than a diet to me!


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I've also decided to try EE this week and although it has been easier to plan meals, I'm worried I've put on weight too! We'll see on Monday. Good luck on your WI.


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good luck hun and congrats on your amazing losses so far....ive NEVER followed ANY of the books in my pack(red or green,EE etc)ive just done obviously healthy eating and im having great results doing it my way,i dont do the syns thingy just watch what im eating and its working,i use the group i attend for support and inspiration when i see others doing so well,keeps me on an even keel:)..cant wait to see how you get on:)xxx
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well done thats fab, I follow ee and just love that plan so easy to feed everyone

Roz V

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Very Well Done from me, also, and here's to your 2 stone award next week! I'm sure you'll make that - what an achievement and incentive to continue!

Good Luck, keep up the good work!!!


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Well done, what a fab loss :D! I've done a few EE days this week as its my first week back on plan and i find you syn a lot less on them.


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Confused about Red, Green or EE

Hi everyone. I'm competely new to SW (and this site but have been finding lots of info on here which is brilliant.) I joined SW club for the first time 2 weeks ago and having never done any kind of diet club before (have done most diets at home as fads!) am a bit confused. When I joined, the consultant explained EE to us and didn't bother to explain Red and Green as she said we shouldn't bother as EE was so great and they have had some fab results with it. My first week I lost 1lb (a bit dissapointed as I was also doing lots of exercise) but 2nd week 3lb so I was pretty pleased. What I'd like to know is, are there any advantages to doing the red or green days rather than EE. Is it possible that I'll lose more on the red and green days. I'm not too sure I really understand how to do the red and green days. I logged onto the lifeline online site and couldn't find a clear explanation there either. I'm finding EE very easy to stick with currently but if I start to stall or if I go back to losing 1lb a week, I might feel a bit disheartened.

I'm breastfeding my baby girl so was given the leaflet and am supposed to be having an extra a choice every day (but haven't felt I needed it) so haven't bothered and feeding is going fine. I am sure getting plenty of calcium from yoghurt, on top of the HEA cheese and milk!

I am currently 180.5lbs and ideally want to get to 147lbs (actually would love to get to 140lbs but I don't think it's likely!) so it's not like I only have a little to lose :)


pink lady
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Ive just done my first wk on EE and lost 8 and half pounds i was blinking amazed, ive eaten with my family all week and not felt like i was on a diet atall, good luck with weigh in x