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First 'bad' day :(


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Today I went off track for the first time since starting SW 2 weeks ago :(

I've been full of cold since the weekend and have felt really run down and generally just can't be bothered.

Tried my hardest to stay focused but today I was making my fiance a sandwich and made one for myself, not caring at all about using butter or thick slices of bread.

I don't even know why I did it, it wasn't like I was starving or anything.

Does anyone else feel like this when they're poorly? I'm not beating myself up too much because I drew a line under it straight away. I just dunno why I did it LOL :confused:

WI is tomorrow so I hope I haven't ruined it :sigh:
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Aaaw hun, it's really hard when you're poorly. I've had a heavy cold for the past week and have been scoffing far more than normal - I'm dreading WI tomorrow:sigh:. It's to be expected when you're not well. The great thing is you've recognised it for what it is, came on here, posted about it and are moving on. Don't beat yourself up about it, you're only human after all!


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hi hun i can feel for u too i've had a blinkin cough and cold this week have been living on milky coffee cause i just don't feel like anything did have egg on toast today then was going to have a roast dinner but just had chicken and stuffing :eek: i think when we're ill we all react differently to it. i don't know why we go off the rails at times for no reason but u have drawn a line under it so forget it and carry on as normal good luck :)


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That's not a "bad day" really, it's just a sandwich, not like you went out and bought a multipack of crisps and a huge slab of dairy milk! One full size slice of bread is one HEB, so two slices would be 2 HExB's...syn the butter and you're sorted. Or if you already used your B's then syn it and move on, have a few less syns tomorrow to compensate. Don't beat yourself up about it, at least you've recognised it and can move on.


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Yip. I'm well down in the dumps today and yesterday. I have hardly eaten anything and what I have eaten is not on plan - can't be bothered, lost motivation! Skipping WI.

You, only had a sandwich, try not to worry it's probably not had much of an impact.......! Good on you for being good for 2 weeks!!


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S: 12st5lb C: 12st5lb G: 9st1lb BMI: 27.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone :)

I suppose I feel like I've had a worse day than I actually have. The bread was that seeded stuff and it's 5.5 syns per slice. I'd already used my HEB's this morning for eggy bread LOL.

I think it helped me writing everything down the first week, but I haven't done that this week so will definitely start doing a food diary again, I can focus more when I do.
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Don't beat yourself up about it, a lot of us have 'blips' (me included) in our group we get given flexible syns, for nights out/special occasions when you just know you'll exceed your daily syn allowance.

We get given extra syns for that day only, the rule is enjoy yourself but stay 100% on track before and after the day and you'll still loose. It seems to work for everyone.

One sandwich is not going to be that bad, especially if you think about the flexible syns and have stuck to plan all other times. You have done really well, so draw a line under your 'blip' and keep going :eek:)


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i had a horrific weekend and tried so hard to stay on track but last night i snapped and had a nice big greasy mcdonalds. Drew a line under it and have been great today. We all do it!!! xxx
I've had a crabby week. Its been half term and that never goes down well for me. So 2 indian meals and pizza hut later we will see what the scales say tomorrow.

Plus the fruit never arrived in time at work this morning, so I tucked into the biscuits.


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Don't beat yourself up. When you are poorly you want things to make you feel better. Like everyone else has said it could have been a lot worse. One sandwich will not affect things too much and if it made you feel better then that's a good thing. When it's written down it really isn't that bad. Keep your chin up for the rest of the week and things will be fine.

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