First class last night - this seems crazy


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The leader kept saying all these things were free but nothing on portion control. She said I could have 6 eggs in the morning with quorn sausages, a jacket potato with 2 whole cans of beans on it if I wanted to, and a roast dinner as long as there was no oil or butter...she actually said I could eat 3 chickens.

That seems a bit crazy!

Also that I should have no less than 70 syns a week and no more than 105.

In addition to the 3 chickens per meal I guess :)

Does SW really work or is it only when you are really new to dieting and aren't already eating things that are somewhat healthy? I did WW before and although I havent done it in a long time, I still only use things like Fry Light even when Im not dieting. Does it work if you have less to lose?
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Yes, you can have all that food but what she probably didn't say (although it is in the book) is that you should eat until you are satisfied and not stuffed and if it takes all the food to do that, then so be it!

There is no set portion control on SW other than the measured A and B choices, we need to learn to eat until we are full.

Yes it does work if you have less to lose. We have people join with half a stone to lose and they do it with no problems, it may be a little slower.

As for the syns, the guideline is no less than 5 a day up to a maximum of 10-15.


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hahah Keri I was just the same lol
it works believe me I tried everything except lipo suction because I couldn't afford it.
16 weeks in 2 stone 3llb lighter never hungry very happy and nearly target 1.5 stone to go make sure you drink lots too try 4 pints of low cal juice in addition to your coffee tea etc.
You really an eat as much as you like especially if its free food syns are for extras like chocolate sweets =] dont think its a diet this is a healthy eating life change,you'll lose weight as you go along =].
the recipes here are outstanding there's even syn free home made kebab lmao welcome to the happiest years of your life xxx


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Yuppers, it does work. People come to my class who are all shapes and sizes, aslong as you follow the plan you will get success.

Good luck :)

Andy R.

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Keri, slimming world really does work. Just stick to the plan. It all does sound crazy. But the benefits are great. I've been going for over 2 years and love what I eat.
And I never have small portions.
Just believe in it :)