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First date from hell


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I just have to share this with somebody. I met up with a guy i'd been talking to on a dating site and over the phone the other Tuesday. And do you know what he said?? He said I looked like a freak and frankenstein because of my hair. Said I had to tone my arms up and that my ankles were too fat! he wanted me to grow my hair and have it coloured. he also mentioned me moving in with him in the future. Bear in mind this was the first date! He'd seen photos of me and I know I do not look all that bad!! he'd been single for over a year- I wonder why! Anyway, usually I'd be devastated at being spoken to like this, but instead I told him to p off, and held my head up high because I know he had the problem and not me! He said he was just being cruel to be kind! AARRGGGHH. Plus i've taken myself off the dating site now- I wonder why?!!!
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OMG!!! And I've just recommended internet dating sites to goldentouch.....

Mind you, there's a lot of strange folk out there but there must be a lot of people who are "normal". Don't give up - they won't all be like that.


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What a complete turd! And I suppose he was Mr perfect, all toned abs, 6 pack, chiselled jaw etc etc. no, didn't think so. What a sad loser. Trouble is I bet you were too polite to tell him he was. Grrrrr some blokes
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hun don't let him but you off hun i'm sure there are plenty of nice men to. you could meet someone like that anywhere.
He was trying to make you feel insecure so you would feel lucky to have him so he would have control over you these type of men often lead to domestic abuse emotional and physical sometimes. you do know theres not a word of truth in what you are saying don't you cause if they was he wouldn't of tried so hard to control you.
You need to report him hun cause some other poor woman might not be as strong as you and believe what hes saying and fall into his trap then I don't even want to imagine what will happen to her.

edited to add: I looked at your photo album hun and you are beautiful hun and so slim I am jealous. Any man would be lucky to have you and don't settle till you find one that relises this and shows it
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yeah I've been through the abusive relationship thing and it's not nice. He's an entertainer, he performs at tiny little clubs and things. His father was in a country group in the 60's. He seems to think because he performs at social clubs he is Elvis Presley or something!! That's all he wants- the perfect little woman who he can parade around his shows. He even has his own website on the internet.
I'm so tempted to let you see his website! lol
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I have just had a Friend request from you from face book.I accepted and can see your photo.
You are gorgeous girl and there is nothing wrong with your hair.
Glad to hear you have dropped him , not worth even thinking about anymore. there are plenty of good men out there. WE just have to sieve through the rubbish to find the gem
good luck with your searchxx


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i went on dating sites and had to search long and hard to find my prince!!! lots of frogs out there!!! Match was my favourite one, i think that as you pay for the service, the people on there are actually serious about meeting someone. The freebie dating sites were just full of oddballs!!! haha! thats my experience though - im sure there are some nice ones out there! I was very lucky to find mine!

what a horrid man, was he little? and dare you, give us a linky to his site so I can have a giggle, hard day today here, am starving, and its not 10.30 yet.
Found my hubby on tinternet, went on date with his best friend, my hubby was there, group outing, done deal from the getgo, he was to be mine. good luck x


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Oh my, what an arse lol... So pleased you told him to p off, in my mind you poured his drink over his head too :D

I found my lovely man on the internet too, although not through a dating sit but by playing an online game, and we have been together for 2 years now. Wasn't even looking for a guy but we were just attracted to each other. Unfortunately he is German so we don't see each other as much as we'd like but it is also good as we can't rush into anything too soon.


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What a tosser! No wonder he hasn't had a date for a year!
if he's like that now what could he turn into?Best left alone in my book-your too good for him anyway. A prince who turned into a frog this time-lol. Best flattened and stepped on I think!!


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i can't believe he said that to you!!! what an arse!!! glad you told him where to go, horrible man!


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I would be tempted to report him to the dating site. Hopefully they would remove him!

Makes me shiver to think about men like that. Yuk!



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i would post a link to his website where u can hear his tracks and see clips of him performing but there's also a guestbook and i'd worry about the comments he may get in his guestbook!!

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