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First Day HELP!!!!!

I'm on my first day, green day:D. Although i have had plenty to eat i seem to feel hungry, i have eaten more than i usually eat aswell but just have that empty feeling in my stomach. I did the diet three years ago but don't recall feeling like this.... can anyone tell me why i'm so hungry.
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Lisa D

Full Member
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I'm on my first day too. I haven't been feeling that hungry but fancied a little pick so am having a few prawns and squid (on a red day). Maybe you could have a little pick on some free stuff too get you through till dinner.

Sorry I know that didn't answer your question x


Lover of Extra Easy
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It's probably the cold. Most of us feel hungrier in this weather and need food to keep us warm.
How about making a huge pot of veggie soup, and have some whenever you are hungry? That will keep you full and it's free.


Never gets tired of SW!
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Is it your time of the month (aka Star Week)? Are you eating plenty of things that fill you up? Are you thirsty? Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger if you're a bit dehydrated! Try drinking loads of water or squash and see if you're still hungry! If you are, just eat some more as your body obviously needs it today! I have days like that anyway where I could eat a horse, whilst other days I don't eat much because I'm just not that hungry! A good breakfast always helps to keep me full, either involving eggs, v low fat sausages or quorn sausages, porridge with fruit eg banana on top! X


Silver Member
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I did slimming world last year and fell off the wagon and then started again two weeks ago... The first week was a real struggle for feeling hungry for me, I don't know if it's because my body was craving fat? Or maybe caffeine from chocolate?
Anyway I just ate.. lots lol and this last week has been loads easier. Stick at it, don't be scared if you think you're eating too much!
Thanks, i feel like i'm over eating though.. if that is possible on this diet. I had scrambled egg, mushrooms and toms for breakfast, pasta and vegies for lunch, loads of fruit and 2 muller light yoghurts, plus my allowance of brown bread..... think i'm grazing today as it's my day off, maybe the bordem lol!!!

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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OK..what have you had to eat today so far?

Im on a Green Day too, and although I have a food diary on here, this is what I have had:

250ml semi skimmed milk HeA
Quorn sausage, mushrooms, tinned new potatoes, baked beans and fried egg
Muller lite yoghurt
Jacket potato and baked beans
1 packet Asda cheese curls 3.5 syns
Batchelors pasta n sauce - herb and tomato made into a bake with extra courgette, peppers, mushrooms and sweetcorn
topped with 2 oz grated cheese HeB x2
Defrosted mixed berries with mini meringue - waiting for the syn value on this, but no one has replied to request yet!
1 Highlights drink 2
1 Kinder mini chocolate bar 2.5

Total syns for day: 8

Have a look at the diaries section on here to give you some tips hun, you will be surprised what people can eat during the day and never feel hungry.

Hope this helps you.


Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Lol...sorry this took me ages to type! Just reading what you had put for your food.

Try not to eat too many Muller lites, as although they are free, they have been known to slow peoples weight losses down...try and fill up on more of the bulky stuff today like potatoes and pasta..you could make your own syn free pasta sauce with just tinned tomatoes, fried onion, mushrooms and garlic and herbs to go over it.


Silver Member
S: 13st4lb C: 9st9lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 21.8 Loss: 3st9lb(27.42%)
The boredom always gets me too! Thank god for free foods though. It is a bit scary when you think about how much you're eating but when you think about calorific content of what you've eaten it's probably not that much when you compare it to say a big sandwhich with mayonaise...
That's how I think anyway!! (although now I'm thinking mmmmmmmmm big sandwhich!!!)


S: 19st3lb C: 18st1.5lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(5.76%)
I always feel hungry on green days, well actually I wouldn't say hungry, but I seem to crave more than I do on red, not sure why.

I have found since seperating red and green days that my body doesn't seem to react well to carbs, its definitely not my imagination :D theres definitely differences.
I know last time i did SW that a lot of peolpe in my group said that they found red days better and that weight loss was also better, but i was always ok with both. Don't like this feeling of been hungry though, especially when i have eaten plenty, was not sure wether i should get something else to eat or is that just been gready? The only sins i have had so far is the tea spoon of low fat margerine that i had on my bread, not got my book yet so not sure how many sins that is. I have tried tried to fill myself on pasta and it didn't work..... not sure what i should eat next..... i think jacket potato and beans for tea, Followed by more fruit!!
I think i will be better wed when i'm back at work, will be too busy to think about food.... 14 hour shift with 3 brakes .... no chance for snacking....
in retrospect... not sure if that is a good thing!


Lover of Extra Easy
S: 11st8lb C: 10st6lb G: 9st6lb BMI: 25.9 Loss: 1st2lb(9.88%)
Have you thought of doing Extra Easy?
I found that there is so much more you can eat, and it's far more flexible too.

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