First day - never calorie counted before

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by BubblyLady4, 12 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. BubblyLady4

    BubblyLady4 Full Member

    Hi all, i am 100% new to calorie counting!! I have started today and am using MFP :)

    Any advice or tips?!

    My daily allowance is 1506 calories to lose a pound a week.

    Do you just look at calories or do you look at fat etc aswell or does couting the calories take care of that??

    Thanks xXx
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  3. BubblyLady4

    BubblyLady4 Full Member

    Sorry thought i'd add i currently belong to a SW group and have lost 2 stone, but have now come to a standstill - so am using this as a kick start, whilst still going SW to get weighed :) xXx
  4. hotsue67

    hotsue67 Full Member

    Hi there, I mainly look at the calories, as i can easily over eat on low sugar or low fat food, so I need the control of the calorie amount. X

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  5. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    I use MFP too and only look at my daily overall calories - you can always manually change your fat, protein, carb ratios in the settings if you find you prefer to eat more protein etc. I really love using the app - I usually put what I plan on eating in advance and see if it all fits in - it's saved me many a time from grabbing at choccy digestives when I'm in the kitchen ... you tend to enjoy them less when you have to log them!
  6. systema

    systema Gold Member

    I use a pen and paper :D I have a small book in which I have tabled the calorie value of the foods I eat in 100gm values as well as the usual portion I eat and I weigh everything I eat so no guess work involved. May seem a bit over the top but it worked for me. I did SW but found my portions of free food were too large and I did gain weight.
    So for example when I have breakfast I usually have the same so know my cals for that then write it in my diary and take it away from my daily total I allow myself.
    I write down everything I eat even if it is only 5 grapes. When I eat something new I write it in my book for next time so I can just look it up.
    I did use MFP but would forget to put things in it and found my written diary is the best way for me - I also didn't like the way MFP adds the calories for exercise to my daily total.
    I just count calories as I am veggie and cook from scratch so know what is in my food.
  7. lindseydodd408

    lindseydodd408 Gold Member

    Quit sugar, it's the most liberating thing that I've ever done. For the first time I eat to live and food is no longer the boss of me!!! Good luck. Xxx

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  8. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    Wow - congratulations systema - just noticed you're at target!!
    And amazing consistent weekly progress - strict counting has obviously worked for you - brilliant motivation for me and again a huge well done for reaching your goal :winner:
  9. systema

    systema Gold Member

    Thank you - have been looking for your diary but can't find it - do you have one?
  10. lardydah

    lardydah Irregular Member

    I don't have a diary on here, I just log it on MFP. My username's on my profile and my diary's open if you fancy a critique! I'll try to find yours when I'm back on the laptop tomorrow - I've never succeeded in maintaining in a healthy way so may sneak a peek at yours to see what a successful maintainer eats ... yes that's you :)

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