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First day of calorie-counting - in need of buddies =)

Hello everyone..

Well, I came across this site whilst looking for some inspiration for my new calorie-counting diet and I thought I'd register and give it a go..

I lost a significant amount of weight by counting calories a few years ago but put it all back on. I've started many diets since then and given them up because I was bored/frustrated/felt restricted etc.. I get to a point where I think I just can't be bothered with the torture/I'm fine as I am/losing weight doesn't really matter to me. But it does matter to me and I really want to lose it for good this time!

I'm hoping to chat to people who are just starting out too and also people who are well on the way to or have even reached their goals... all support and motivation is very welcome =)

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Hi Colette, welcome to the forum.
I've been here for just over a week now and it's really helped with my motivation. I lost 4lb in my first week :) so am suitably pleased with myself and I've just committed to posting my weight loss every monday on another thread here so I'm hoping that will keep me on track.
I've done just about every diet going but just can't deal with all the restrictions :( so this time I'm calorie counting, watching fat levels and doing as much exercise as I can fit in around the kids (not much during the holidays, lol).
Good luck with your weight loss, I'm sure you'll do great :happy096:


wants to get super fit!
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Hello and welcome Colette! I've been losing weight through cc for 7 months now and am hoping to reach my goal weight in the not too distance future! I've lost 5 stone and this site has been invaluable to me to be honest. Challenges, weigh ins, success stories, answers to every question going - it's been great! I only hope you find it as motivating as I have. Good luck!
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Hey Colette, welcome!
I've been cal counting for a few weeks, but it was my birthday at the weekend and I also changed jobs this week so had lots of choccies bought to me, alcohol and meals out, and unfortunatly my willpower left me for around 8days! I think I have every lb I lost back on, whoops lol!
It's my 1st day back on CC today, so we can start together lol. How many cals you on? Best wishes x


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Welcome Collette and good luck on your weight loss journey. There is loads of support on here and you can do it if you are determined enough.
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Hello and welcome! I'm like mummy tummy and have been on here for just over a week (but feels like much longer!) this site is SOOOOO welcoming and motiviating! I use it as my daily slimming class without the cost! it really is fab!

I too have decided to count cals...along with asking my GP for a little help and she's prescribed me Xenical. Finger crossed it'll work this time!

I log on every day to get support and advice and find that it does really help me to stay away from the fridge! lol!

I write out what I plan to eat and what i actually eat etc in my diary section in the Xenical forum "My weight loss diary 2009" - by putting it in a thread its encourages people to respond to how i'm doing / offer advice / just say hi! and it really is incredibly motivating.

Good luck! You can do it!

Hi everyone, thanks for replying =)

4lbs is a brilliant loss Mummy Tummy, I'll be so pleased if I can do that in my first week...

Nic, you've lost 5 stone!! That's amazing, well done to you, that's so inspiring =)

Soon To Be Yummy Mummy, I'm gonna be logging on everyday too because I'll be needing all the motivation I can get when the going gets tough! I've got a notebook which I'm jotting down all my calories in and I've printed a picture of a gorgeous nautical style dress I saw on the day I started calorie counting (which at this weight would look hideous on me, lol) and stuck it to the front of the book =) everytime I look at it I feel a new rush of determination! I don't want my weight to knock my confidence anymore.

And Pumpkin... I'm aiming for 1200 calories but allowing up to 1500 for those days when it's 10pm and I'm rather peckish and just can't face going to bed empty-tummied =) my snack attacks are always in the evenings! How many calories are you on?
Hi Letty, I think you replied to my post yesterday. Although I haven't had a good day today I am going to get back on track tomorrow. I have decided to go for 1400 calories as this should mean I lose 1 pound per week and although I am tempted to cut right down to 1100 I know this won't last as I'll end up binging just like I have over the last few days.

Good luck, hope your first day has been a good one. I will post tomorrow and let you know how i'm doing x:)


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hi, i could do with a buddy, i have been doing this for about 6months. and i have lost it alot recently and need to get back on track.

we aint similar weight or height, we have the same start and goal BMI lol

im on 1500 cals, however try to stick to 1300 atm as im a teacher and am having a very lazy summer holiday.

Evening snacks, fruit is good, a glass of milk with A cookie. that sugar free jelly should be good, i keep meaning to make some. almonds and rasins are yummy, hits the sweet tooth and full of GOOD fats. what else? i cant think of anything else rite now... will add more later
Hiya =)

How're you getting on Zoe? I know what you mean... I couldn't do 1100, 1200 is the absolute lower limit for me and I'm allowing up to 1500 to give myself a bit of leeway. I think it's better to do it in a way you can sustain rather than cutting right back, bingeing coz you're so hungry and then feeling furious with yourself for cheating! My first day was very good, had 1175 calories but I guess I was still feeling full from eating so much the day before! I've had 1275 today... I've decided to have dinner at about 7pm so I don't get hungry later on as that's always my downfall. I normally eat around 5.30pm, hopefully this'll help...

Thanks for the evening snack suggestions Preetone =) I'm hoping eating dinner later on will stop me wanting to pig out later in the evening. Sugarfree jelly is a really good suggestion, I think I've got a packet lurking in the cupboard from my recent low-carb experiment (couldn't stick to it, I'm far too fond of bread/potatoes/starch in general)
S: 14st10lb C: 13st13lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 0st11lb(5.34%)
I'm on 1500 a day, sometimes I allow myself 1700 at the weekends etc as it's still allowing me to lose weight and if I hit a plateau I will be able to cut back. I'm also exercising alot, though have sore knee so have been slack on that bit for about 2 weeks, but I will be starting again on Sunday. I usually burn 500-1000 cals a day 5times a week, but usually I'm averaging 600. I find it helps me keep my diet in check, I feel good and I'm toning as well. Can't wait til Sunday :D


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Hi there letty,

I'm also restarting this week after numerous attempts and fails but I'm determined this time! You will love the site, it is great at keeping you motivated and away from the nibbles.
Hi all,

Thought I'd give a progress update! I haven't logged on all weekend.. this weekend has been a test and I've given in a few times, damn it! On Friday night I went a bit overboard with the vodka when I was with my boyfriend... then on Saturday night we shared a chinese and a couple of drinks.. then yesterday we went to a BBQ and thanks to that I had 2280 calories throughout the day... aaargh I'd just about convinced myself it's not too bad but now I've written it all down it sounds awful! I'm back on track today, I just knew the weekend would be difficult.

On the plus side though, I've downloaded Podrunner, which is interval training, onto my iPod on the advice of someone on the forum and I tried it on Friday morning and got through the workout for week 1 (only just though!). I'm going to do it again tonight.

And the boyfriend said I looked like I'd lost weight this morning, bless him =)

x Alex x

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hey letty,
i started (re-started for the millionth time lol) 3 weeks ago and have lost 4.5 so far. Had a bit of a stuggle this week so not expecting too much on the scales tomorrow.
I'm here for a chat if you need one. _ I completely understand what you mean when you get frustrated etc etc

Thanks Alex =) I weighed in this morning and I've lost 3lb which I'm really pleased about considering the weekend! It does get frustrating.. it's almost my TOTM and all I wanna do when I get in from work is lie in bed and eat junk.. but I've resisted! How was your loss this week?

x Alex x

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S: 13st3lb C: 13st0.2lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st2.8lb(1.51%)
I've put on 0.4! but i know why - i was really bad last thurs and fri couldn't stop binging, so I've had to be really strict since saturday, I'm sure it could have been much worse though if I hadn't got myself in hand on saturday. still 4lb in 4weeks not that bad i suppose. I'm going out for my birthday next saturday so going to be extra good this week!
You've still lost 4lb, that's good :) I know all about not being able to stop bingeing, that's why I'm here now, lol. Do you always weigh on a Wednesday? That's when I'm weighing too. I think we should both try to have really good weeks and see what we can lose! Have you signed up to the September Challenge? I have, I want to lose 14lb by 13th, 3lb off now so 11lb to go!

x Alex x

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S: 13st3lb C: 13st0.2lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 26.9 Loss: 0st2.8lb(1.51%)
yeah i'm signed up to the september challange, i signed up to 6lbs i think so with half on this week thats 6.5 now. I would have put a bit more as my target, but if I don't get there I know what I am like I will be disappointed and give up. this is how i figure i want to break up my weight loss:
weight today 12,5
1st wed in sept - 11,12
1st wed in oct09 - 11,8
1st wed in noov09 - 11,4
1st wed in dec09 - 11
1st wed in jan10 - 10,10

I should be able to do that?......

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