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First day of the rest of my life!

Hi everyone! :)

I have been fluttering round here for a while now and have finally plucked up the courage to post! (I apologise now if I do something wrong, never used forums before :confused:). Today is my first day on SS after trying everything else to lose weight! Got to the point now where I think if I don't do it this time I never will. Doing well so far, had 2 shakes and I'm trying to drink lots of water (that's the hardest part!). I'm going to be checking back here every day because all your amazing stories are such an inspiration and it's nice to know that I'm not going through this by myself :D

Hope to chat to you all sometime soon

Nadine xxx
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hi im startin tomorow i find it realy hard to lose weight so much temptation hopefully i will be able to cope i done it before about a year ago but had zero will power now i need to just do it ill post my weight loss up here every week xx


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Hi Nadine,:welcome2:

Welcome to Minimins and all the best on your CD weight loss journey!

If you need any help be sure to ask.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi trebor87,
Welcome and good luck on starting tomorrow as well!

Try and forget about the last time you done CD and make this a fresh new start!

With new photos and body measurements!

Set yourself some long terms goals, but more importantly some short term goals as well as these will help to keep you motivated and reward yourself with non food treats as you achieve each one.

Before you know it you will be at goal!

Love Mini xxx


please try again
welcome to you both and good luck!
i started today too :)

Big H

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Good luck hun - you can do it. I'm sure a lot of others will feel the same when I say if I can do it anybody can do it :D


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Good luck to you both!!! & welcome to the forum..
Its a great place and everyone is so supportive as we are all in it together.. Its definately helped me through the last 6 months..
Wishing you both all the best on your journey to being SLIM! x
think theres about 3 of you all started today or starting tomorrow,(me too!!!) Good Luck to you all, with CD youl lose alot of weight in the first few weeks and you'l become even more determined to carry on!

keep us all updated!

Good Luck new starters. I am on week 2 now and feeling fine, and I am usually a very indisciplined naughty individual when it comes to diets! Wishing you well.


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Good luck to all you starters - CD is an excellent diet. Stick with the plan and drink your water and get through the first 4 days or so and you will start to feel great, the difference will show on the scales and you will do fab! This place is great for motivation, advice and support.


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Good luck - CD is the best. If you stick to it you will be slim!
Thanks for the warm welcome and good luck to everyone else who is starting this week :D

I'm really proud of myself for getting through 2 whole days without "food" and watching my family tuck into my Gran's chocolate birthday cake today without nibbling some myself! But I'm sooooo hungry now I want to chew my arm off! I always used to snack at this time of night though so maybe it's just all in my head?! Anyways I'm determined not to give in...I WILL BE THIN lol

Welcome Nay and Trebor, well you have begun your life to a new you !

After years of being overweight and obese, I am finding the real me, the confident girl, always first to dance at a party, always in a little dress............that girl is coming back and that is what CD is going to give you.....the chance to be what we would call a 'normal' person, someone who looks good and has a healthy weight.

God help the shops is all I can say..................best get saving those pennies for new wardrobes and fast - CD really is the best thing in my life, so much in fact I have forgotten my pre-CD life !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wishing you all the love and luck in the world and when it gets tough - Minimins will pick you up and we will all keep you going, I owe my weight loss to the wonderful people on this forum who have taken the time to post in my hours of need !

I have a diary in my sig which is day 1 to day 56 if you want to rad about CD on a daily basis, sometimes I had wobbly days, but on the most part, CD has learnt me more than just losing weight, it has shown me why I am doing this, and why I want to reach my goal and become the girl I was in my teens (abeit with the mummy tummy hehehe) !!!
Hello and welcome - good luck to everyone just starting. It really is the most fab diet :D:D:D you will love watching the weight literally drop off you and just hang in there until you are in ketosis as it does get much easier!!! xx

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