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First day on CD!!


This is my first post and my first day quite scary really but im sure you have all been through it.

Im getting married this september and that is probably my biggest target. After going wedding dress shopping last weekend and nearly having a total hissy fit in the middle of the shop :cry: after trying on some dresses i realised something had to be done!

So here i am half looking forward to it and half petrified! and hoping if any of you have some good hints or tips please let me know :wave_cry: xx


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Hi Kirsty,

Your very welcome and best of luck with your diet journey.

Well, the first few days can be tough as you have to go through withdrawal from carbs if you have not cut down before.

You may experience a head ache because of this and you just take whatever pain killer you would for a head ache.

You need to drink at least four pints of water in addition to the water you use to mix your CD meals.

Try and drink it regular, you may not manage the full four pints today as it does take time to increase your intake but you will get there.

It takes between three to four days to get into ketosis and you will experience a feeling of well being where hunger is greatly reduced and the diet becomes much easier to do.

Be sure to measure yourself from head to toe and not forgetting the upper arms and take some before photos as the weight comes off so fast you will be kicking yourself that you didn't do it.

Also, they help to see how far you have traveled as the weight loss happens so fast it does take time for the head to catch up.:)

The first week while tough will be rewarded when you get on the scales and provides incentive and motivation to keep going.

If you need motivation just go have a look at the Before and After photos and they will provide you will plenty.

Just click on the link...


Here is tommee2004 who has posted his achievements only yesterday.... 8 weeks into his diet...

just click on the link



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S: 18st2lb C: 15st7lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 2st9lb(14.57%)
Hi Kirsty,

You posted your weight tracker in the small url box which is below the signature box.

The signature box is the big one that looks like this post reply box.

You take your bb code for your weight tracker and just paste the bb code into it and you can click on preview and you will see if it is there in your signature and then click on save signature.

Here is a link to help you.


Get back to me if you have any difficulty with it.

Love Mini xxx


Nice and Normal
Hi Kirsty,

Well first of all Welcome!! And well done for taking the bull by the horns and getting this sorted.

I too join minimins to help me get into my wedding dress. I'm still following CD.

My tips: -

  • If this is your first time on CD, after you get through the first 3 days, it gets easier
  • Try not to EVER break the diet because it is never as easy as the first time. I really cannot stress this enough, if you stick to it, you will lose about 1 stone every month and even more in the first month. That would be July/August - in plenty of time for the wedding
  • You can do it!! Keep posting on here instead of eating - Its very addictive!!
  • Join challenges and buddy up with people to help keep your motivation levels high
  • Write a diary and use it, I fine mine so helpful
For an inspirational story, I recommend the attached diary of Melissa's. She didn't start it until half way through journey, but you can see how well she is doing.


Good Luck hun


thanx for the replies so quick.

Well my first day went through ok especially considering i went out with the family for a pub lunch and everyone had lovely dinners but i was strong and asked the chef to make up my soup!

I am finding them quite hard to eat so if anyone has any hints on how to prepare them so mix things up a little bit that would be appreciated. I know it is just my first day and i will get used to it but its just hard not having any solid food.

Anyway better go, will keep yous posted


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
hey Kirst!

So you made it onto the boards then! Good Luck with the diet and If I could do it you can definitely!

I have every faith you in - plus we need to get you a fab wedding dress :)

Lot of Love n hugs the best bridesmaid ever :) xxx
Hey nat

Well the second day is definately going better than the first, just didnt imagine it would be so hard but i am still determined!

gonna have an early night tonight to take my mind off it.

hopefully il start and feel a bit better tomorrow, got a major headache today but know that it normal.

oh well beauty is pain! xx :rolleyes:


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Hi Kirsty,

Welcome to Minimins and brides-to-be:D

Just wanted to wish you all the very best for your diet journey...if you stick with it the results are amazing and dress fittings are a happy experience.

Good luck and keep us posted :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Missing you!

How's Day 3 going Kirst?? Hope it's not too bad you should be in ketosis soon if nto all ready so get that tooth brush out and watch the weight drop off hehe xxx

Wish you didnt live so far away this could be made so much easier if we lived close to each other again :( I miss you loads Im now a big loser down here xxx

thanx everyone for the support! :thankyou:

day 3 went ok, starting to get used to it now and have a routine, i actually enjoy my milkshakes now! but the only way i can eat the soups is to make them in to a paste then put them in the microwave to make it hard so its kinda like a crisp.

Have been pretty light headed yesterday and today,:raincloud: but asuming this is pretty normal and hopefully will pass soon.

I have to stop myself jumping on the scales every 5 mins and this is the first diet where i am actually looking forward to seeing my councellor on sat and getting weighed!!


p.s - nat, your right this would be so much easier if you were up here just for a bit more support as everyone at work thinks im absolutely crazy for doing this diet but hopefully i'll show them!! im missing you to and you'll have to start saving so you can come up for a weekend soon xxxxxxx
WOOHOO first weigh in and lost 5.6 lbs!!!

its true once you've been weighed you do get a bit more motivation, also im now allowed the bars which are such a nice change!!!
Well done Kirsty x x x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hey Kirst,

Well done on your wi - Im on day 1 again today and really want to quit, go out for dinner and eat chocolate. Im so confused about me and Conor, my heads so not with it. But I have started the day with a shake and a litre of water - so trying to remain positive and get into the swing of it all, just got to wait and see.

How have you been getting on??

Any more wedding plans for us to know?? xxx
Hey Nat

you'll be ok, have some of the spicy tomato soup made into crisps, their lovely!!!

i probably had one of my worst cravings last night and was ready to pack it all in coz i just wanted to eat some normal food, but im better today and really enjoying the chocolate malt bars, just a shame i can only have one a day!

come on!! we can do it!!! xxxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Iv just had my bar so Iv all ready had 2 packs today and only got one left - not sure how im going to cope today i really feel rubbish ......need a kick up the bum lol! Keep thinking why not pack it in and do w/w or something as only have a stone or so to loose but just cant do it :(
Hey nat

hows it going today, hope your starting to get into it coz you know you can do it!

im not at work today so will try and log in tonight to see how you have done.

good luck xx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I'm ok feeling better today , had my shake for brekkie just glugging back the water now and ignoring ym diet coke craving. Also trying to convince myself to drive when I go out on Sat so as not to break it again - am trying to be v good now!

How's things with you? Wish I had the day off the weather is lush down here. Are you still going to the beauty show at the end of the month????

Oh and thanks for the offer of living with you but for the time being Im going to try and clear my debt, stick it out a bit longer here and sort out me and Conor. Also think Dave would go mad me being there all day and messing around hehe :) xxx
another 3.5 lbs off woohoo!!!!

hey nat

it was daves idea about moving up so the offer is still open for a while :)

Yeah we are still going to the beauty show and if the offer is still open for us to stop at yours on the sat night that would be great xx



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Ok so Im s**t at this diet Iv broken it all ready. Think I need a week off work to get into it again! Uhhhh right I need to pick a day and just do it no more excuses. Will go out on friday and sat, drink lots and restart on sunday cos ill be too hungover to want to eat anyway so day 1 will fly by and if im busy all day monday and at night then 2 days are done and I will sorted!

Yes offer is still there, so come down - Ill make sure Im back on the diet with a venegance by then! Am looking frward to seeing you!! :)

How have you been getting on with the diet? Is Dave managing living with you ok?? hehe

Work is soooo boring....They got rid of Tracey yesterday you know! Actually managed to dismiss her this time. Im looking for new jobs, I need a way to earn lots of money so I can get out of debt and pay for all these holidays etc hehe! xxx

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