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First day on CD

Hang on in there honey, the first few days are really tough, but if you can get through them, then you will be flying x x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
Its my first day too, and I feel exactly the same you're not alone!! I just want to eat something, but I wont.

Gonna down another bottle of water to fill me up. Roll on Saturday when we should hopefully be feeling tons better :) xxxxxx
awww thanks guys thats such a help.

my best friend Pinkmantha is helping me out too. trying to keep me motivated.

Good luck unreal. Hopefully we can talk eachother out of eating. I'm going to have a soup for dinner, are they as filling as the shakes?

Sarah x


Want to be a yummy mummy!
The soups are lovely - I just love the shakes as I put loads of ice with them and blend them up - I convince myself that the ice and extra foam is extra in my belly! I do like the soups just not the froth on top. What flavour are you having? x
I'm having spicy tomato. It says i cant blend that though, I have oriental too but having that tomorrow.

What time do you have your first meal? i had mine at 8am and lunch at 1pm and now dinner at 5pm. im used to having my breakfast at 11am at work but i dont know if that is too late in the day?

Sah x

flab fighter

The fat is melting away!
The first week is the hardest, focus on your weight loss. I find that having my am shake at 10am then lunch at 2pm and dinner at 7-8pm works better than earlier as always get the munchies at night. Try more water in shakes also.
thanks i think i will try that. my CDC said to have my first product before 10am but im struggling to get through till lunch.

I just had my soup though and feel a lot better. :)

tonight will be hard. i love food in the evening, i think i will just go to bed lol

Bring on tomorrow!
thanks for all your support

Sah x


Getting there slowly ...
Hi Symphony

Good Luck with the diet - everything everyone is saying is so true - it's hard to start with, but get through the first few days and you will be so glad you stayed with it. I started on 31st Jan and am down 35lbs.

Thanks Smanf. Im so hungry i cant sleep. dont think ive ever gone to bed hungry. :'(

oh well i'll be ok. - just goes to show you are a stronger person than me, i know how u feel now.

Hi Symphony - hope you are feeling better today - the first 3 days are the worst until the ketosis kicks in. I can honestly tell you I don't feel hungry, I WANT food and the comfort of it but I'm not actually hungry. After the first weigh in you will feel so much better. Good luck hun x
hi this is my first day today ok so far but by the time i get home from work probably have to go to bed with hunger pains ha .have a long way to go have to lose about 6 stone :cry:but determined im going to get through the hunger and stick with it :)


running strictly on fat!
Hello Symphony!

First three days are horrid - but hang on there.
Once you are done with it it is really a breeze.
I am restarting (again) but already feeling great. I was missing being in total control of your body!
I try to have my first shake as late as I can. I managed to push it until 1pm atm. If I had it earlier I'm sure I would be going mental evening time.
You have to find what suits you best!
Good luck x
Hi guys,

Today has been a lot better, not needed so many wee's even though ive had 3 ltres of water. I was naughty and weighed myself this morning and im 2lb lighter so that gave me motivation for today. I know its probably water but still it makes you feel good.

Went to see my CDC this evening, swapped some soups for shakes. Im not as hungry today as yesterday. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be even better.

Thanks for all of your kind words and support, its so helpful

Sah xx
Hi Guys, just thought i would write and tell you how im getting on with CD.

The first 4 days was hell. lol

I spoke with my CDC and she has moved me up to the 810 now. I work in a highschool as a cover teacher and im clocking up about 6 miles walking around the campus each day. I was starving hungry on the shakes within half hour of having them.

For the last 2 days i have had the 200cal meal and im feeling 100% better. i'm really enjoying it and so full.

My only concern is my weight loss slowing down :-( Does anyone know how much this will effect it. My CDC says the results are practically the same??

Sarah xxx

p.s Are you allowed to use Stock Cubes? x