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first day on lipotrim


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Hiya, sorry the first shake didn't go down well. But the shakes are only temporary while you are on Lipotrim and not for ever.
I usually mix mine with coffee and make it up with hot water. Vanilla latte or choc mocha type of drink.
Some people put loads of ice and sweeters and say it's like a McDonalds milkshake.
The first week is the hardest but you can do it, and the results can be amazing.
Good luck with the rest of your week.


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Did you like the taste - if so, make it thinner.
I mix my vanilla and chocolate shakes with a spoon of coffee.

the strawberry shake was ok - but I don't tend to have that one. I only have choc and vanilla. Soup wasn't my thing and the flapjacks weren't either.

I tend to have my shakes with 500ml water - cold.
Some try the choc one with hot water - I didn't like that at all - but its personal choice.

Some also add a splash of peppermint tea, but I'm not keen on minty stuff.

I didn't like the shakes that much to start with, but now (after nearly 3 weeks) I really look forward to them.

Make sure you drink enough water - 2- 4.5 ltrs per day.

And keep coming on here for motivation - don't give up - get through the first 3 or 4 days and it definately gets easier (although it took me about 7 days to get into ketosis).

Take care and good luck.



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hi, i drink mine with 300ml of water i find it too watery, but its funny how peoples tastes differ, i cant face the vanila shake or soup or flapjacks i only drink choc and strawberry :) best of luck !!!!!
thanks for encouragement. I had vanilla with spoon of coffee and was ok at first but just near the end was bauking. I think I will try and water it down, so it not thick. I have never had drinks like this before, never had milkshakes (dont like milk). I have also got the soup and chocolate. Wish I could just gulp down the drink. Thanks anyway and good luck with your week.


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You get used to them, and eventually start to enjoy them, I promise!xx


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welcome and good luck with this first week. Everything is new right now and that takes time to get used to. We all have different tastes and therefore I would advise to try all the shakes, flapjacks and soup as only you will know if they suit you. I like the flapjacks but I know others don't. I would advise sucking the shake through a straw, some who found it made them gag tried that and it worked. Wishing you all the best with it.


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I crush loads of ice in the food processor and then add a glass of water and the powder, it tastes dead nice all cold and thick and icy ... like a shake you'd buy whilst out. Makes them so much nicer.


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Welcome to the forum and Lipotrim :) xxxx

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