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First day on sw

Hi everyone, I joined sw last night so today is day 1. Iv always done weight watchers so I'm finding it hard getting my head around not being restricted on portions etc but I'm going to give it a go. I weighed in at 12.12 and would love to be 11.7 in 9 weeks as I'm
Off to the isle of Wight festival do you think that it achievable? Could you also give me your opinion on my menu today does it look ok? Thanx guys!

Breakfast: 2 weetabix with skimmed milk

Lunch: batchelors broccoli and cheese pasts n sauce made with my remaining quantity of skimmed milk and an apple

Dinner: iv made the chilli from the recipe book and will serve with rice.

Snack: ww yogurt

Thanx for reading :)
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Hi Hannah
yes it is definatly achievable. The only thing I noticed with your menu is their is hardly any veg or salad or fruit so i would recommend you try to include more if you can. good luck sounds a good incentive to me x
It looks like you are off to a good start. However you do need to try and include a 1/3 superfree foods at meal times, as this is what will help control your portions without the need for weighing etc like you do on weight watchers.

If you look in the book you received it will list all the superfree foods, which are basically all fruits and unstarchy vegetables (parsnips, potatoes, sweetcorn, peas are not superfree).

For your chilli, you can add lots of superfree into the meat mixture, things like onion, courgette, carrots and peppers work great.

For you lunch you could perhaps serve with a salad.

I normally have sliced banana with my weetabix or mixed berries work well too. Sometimes I even start off with some melon or grapefruit.

Basically look at the plate you are serving on , and imagine it diving into 3 equally, a 1/3 of that plate should equate to superfree foods, the other 2/3 can be whatever you like of the other free foods. Although sometimes my meals tend to be 2/3 superfree. But then I love my veg.

Not only will the superfree help control down your portions of the free carbs and proteins, they will also keep you fuller for longer.

Also don't forget to use some syns, you can enjoy 5-15 a day (5 a day minimum). They are there to be used so don't be scared of having them. They are what will help you stay on plan by making sure that nothing is really off limits in moderation. Plus if you dont have any at all from the start, once you get to goal you will have little to play around with, if you havent been having any syns at all.

Good luck!!!!
Thank you for the advice. I'm just planning my meals for the next couple of days and have Included lots of veg and salad. As for the syns I don't feel like I really need them at the moment. If I want to snack I would just choose fruit or yogurt which Is free. Seems a little pointless eating a kit Kat etc when I'm not wanting it. Does everyone use there syns? Xx
you dont have to use your syns on chocolate, they can be used on so many things, like an extra piece of bread, sauces, olive oil or non free ingredients added into your meals etc. There are so many things.

I do recommend you have at least your minimum 5 a day, most people find there weight losses are slow if they restrict their syns and tend to have better losses when they have 10+ a day.

As I said if you dont have any at all, you will have nothing to adjust when you get nearer to goal.


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took me the good part of 3 weeks to get my head round it all lol and im still finding it hard finding the syn value to evrything but this site is a life saver. u cud easily get down to 11.7 by then...i lost 8.5lb in 4 weeks and its so easy. i was 11st 9lb and now im 10st 9lb and its become so easy doing it with sw cudnt do it on my own. u will love the recipes here too good luck xxx
Hi Hannah, I am quite new to this too, 4th weigh in tomorrow and I have lost 8lb so far. I got stuck in a rut with ww And and finding this so much better, food wise. I still haven't quite got my head round it but this app on my phone is a lifesaver and often use the recipes. Good luck with your first week. I'm still not sure if I'm going to iow this year, if I don't will be the first I have missed in 4 years :( x
Thank you so much for all your replies, iv taken all the advice on board. You all seem to be doing really well so hopefully I'll follow in your footsteps!

Iv never been to the IOW festival before and iv never camped in my life so I'm just keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather :)
I will keep u informed of my weight loss next week. I'm praying for a 4 pound Loss! Xx
Ha if your camping there, good luck. I did it first year and never again... stay at a nice campsite down the road with showers and toilet facilities! Fingers crossed for your first weigh in x x