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First Day Over

Hello, well my first day is done. :party0049:

Bit strange, I have had all my packs and they were nice and not at all bland and synthetic tasting as I thought they were going to be. I have drank my 4 litres of water with no problems, good lord though, I am soooo pleased I have a loo downstairs, I think that I would have the calf’s of Fatima Whitbread if I had to go upstairs every time I needed to wee today.

One strange thing though and I don’t know if it is because of the amount of water we drink, I did feel a little uncomfortable in the kidney area. Has anyone else gone through this? If so how long did it last? I have a drop in on Thursday so will ask then if no one else on here had this.

I cannot wait for ketosis to kick in as I could have eaten my dogs chews this afternoon (how sad am I). She gave me such a look as if she knew. She soon forgave me, I found a trifle in the fridge that I did not realise was still there, it was my OH and he had forgotton to eat it, so quickly scraped the top off for her and flushed the rest. :innocent0002:

I feel motivated though, the group meeting last night was really good they are a great bunch and the LLC said on a couple of occasions, she sees that she has a lively bunch, we laughed so much during the group activities.

I found that I had lost quite a bit of weight last week; just by cutting right back on my carbs in preparation, so I’m really pleased.

Well off to bed now to read more of the literature and try to sleep, if can stay away from the loo. :rolleyes:
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Well done Lisa .I still get an ache in my kidney area if i drink the water too quickly so i dont think it is anything to worry about.

good luck for the rest of the week,cant wait to se your weigh in results

love liz


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Good luck Lisa - I get pain in the kidney area too - usually for me though, it's a sign that I havn't had enough water that day.

If it gets worse, pop and see your quake and get it checked out - always better to be safe than sorry. But am sure it's nothing except your bodies reaction to a change in diet.


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Your a star, what a great first day report! You have given me a determination to stay focused until I go to bed tonight.... that's about 6 hours away and I still have dinner yet!



longs to be average!
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I was wondering what you were doing planning on going to bed at 2pm Bren, then saw where you were! You lucky, lucky person!!


is going to loose!
S: 83kg C: 80.8kg G: 72kg BMI: 27.9 Loss: 2.2kg(2.68%)
Well this time of the day 2.30 - 4.30 is the worst time (it's currently 4.50pm) because this is when I crave sweet naughty things or have the urge to eat. Today I had a coffee with a small splash of milk and an extra 2 kiwi fruits and 2 crackers with cheese. Overall broke my plan today but didn't blow out>

how's your day going?


longs to be average!
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It's only 8:10am here, so early in the day for me - but had my breakfast bar and a banana, and a cup of tea (how terribly British), so, so far, so good. BUT, am home alone, so will have to be strong to keep out the fridge and cupboards, and as I'm cooking a chicken casserole in the slo cooker, will have the smell of food around ALL DAY!!! arrghh! will just have to keep busy and stay strong.
Well done on your first day :) I do get the odd pain in my kidney even now but it's usually when I've drunk a lot of water quickly and they're working overtime to keep up.


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Hi Lisa

Well done on day one and welcome to day two.
You will soon be bursting with energy and feeling great.

Keep smiling.


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Well done on getting through the first day!

Get lots of early nights, take it easy and just look after yourself while you're waiting for ketosis to kick in.

Do you feel powerful? You've taken huuuuge steps to change your life!

Definitely something to celebrate and be proud of :D


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Well done on day one!

No kidney pains for me that I can remember.

Ketosis should kick in on day 2-3 - possibly tomorrow as you have already cut back on carbd before LL.

Good Luck! Keep busy!
Day Two and eeeww

Thank you for all your motivational words and advice. It is so good to be able to hear from people in the same boat. I always worry about talking to family and friends about things like this because they will always advise you to come off it or the bad things that they have heard blah blah blah, so thank you:flowers:

My kidney ache is a little better today, I think that I might just have been a little bit to enthusiastic when drinking my water yesterday, I had to get the 4 litres in and I ran out of my quota a couple of hours before I went to bed. :silly: Pacing myself better today, thank you for your feedback though, I was starting to think my kidneys were gonna pop or something, over actor. :crazy:

Well today was going ok then, eeeww caramel shake, yak yak yakerty yak. :sign0137: I thought it would be nice it smelt lovely tasted it and gag, one of the ladies at my group absolutely loves it and explained that she puts it in her coffee, so I poured it into a cup with a spoonful and topped it off. Good grief it smelt awful and now I was left with a full cup, I should have just chugged the first lot down. Anyway it has gone now and I'm still sitting here gurning because I can still taste it. Water with st clements ain't touching it.

Apart from that I'm really good and feel great, I have my pop in tomorrow (caramel shakes are in bag already) only been a couple of days but I feel slim already :giggle: this was such a good decision (Note to self: will read this thread in 2 weeks)

Thanks again for your kind words; I’m truly grateful for your support. :thankyou::party0038: :thankyou:
Hmm, vegetable soup is worse (gag) and the old-style bars (not peanut or cranberry). The first time I had one I had to spit it out in a very unladylike way. I swear even my mother's greedy labrador would spurn those!


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I am so with you on those old style bars, the fruit and lemon ones yuck it was like eating play dough and that first peanut one ooooh eeeew it was like sawdust mixed with peanut butter.

Day Three and I have split personalities coming out

Hello, well day Three another weird one, I was supposed to go to my pop in today, however had problem with my cat so had to wiz him off to the vets.

This episode has made me realise that there are several people inside me having this massive battle. (I know!.. there is a word for people like me :brainfart:) On returning from the vets, I needed to eat something, anything, just wanted to eat real bad. I then spent the next 10 minutes telling myself off, this is the reason your fat, don’t blow it stupid person, your not hungry just stressed. Well I won in the end and didn’t eat, wasn’t going to really it was just a comment that popped into my head, cripes I'm at it again... :banghead::blahblah:

I thought I'd make my afternoon soup and chose vegetable and you guys are right uuurgggggh another one going back tomorrow. Well that’s only 2 out of the 10 shakes and soups I don’t like so not bad really. I have not been able to try the bars yet, that’s next week, you say that the old style ones were a bit rough, what are the new ones like, are there any I should avoid like the plague?

This afternoon another personality popped up, it was the cleaning Tasmanian devil, wow I normally give the house a good clean on Fridays and just top up during the week, however today I went crazy, if it didn’t move I cleaned it, vacuumed, mopped, dusted, scrubbed, washed and sorted loads of stuff..don't know where she came from. :bliss: Aggie and that other woman would be so proud, you could split a food pack anywhere and it would be clean enough to eat it. :giggle:

Hope day four is less chaotic……..I doubt it somehow :psiholog:


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Hey Lisa

Well done you on beating those voices. It becomes quite a laugh after a while when you argue and fight with yourself over what you are thinking.

If you can out wit yourself on day 4 there will be no stopping you lady.

Hope you kitty cat is okay.