first day today - advise needed please


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Its my first day on cambridge diet. i have 4 1/2 stone to loose.

This morning i was fine but atm i am so hungry and my head is pounding. i have drank around 7pints of water so i know its not lack of water. i have also split my shakes/meals in half so i have something every 3 hours as i know there is no way i would be able to stick to it if i was only to have 3 meals.

just wondering i have the chilli flavour soup and that was nice but i like spicy foods so i was wondering if i am able to add some chilli flakes to it (just crushed dried chillis) or some salt and pepper.

i heard that i can have peppermint tea is that correct?? also what other drinks can i have

Hiya...congrats on your first day!!

Not sure about chilli flakes, but salt is a definate no no as it can make you retain water (I only found this out on saturday!), pepper I believe is ok...Peppermint tea is yummy and definately allowed, as are leaf teas I believe...anything that is made from fruit or has citric acid in it is not allowed.... You can get water flavourings from your CDC as well, I have the orange one and love it!!
Hiya honey... stick with it, it does get sooooooooo much easier!!

I always added black pepper, chilli flakes and halapeno flakes to my soups and it didn't affect me at all and they were yummy!!!! no salt tho its forbidden lol

keep with it tho and you will be grand... i lost 4 stone between 9 of april and end of july this year so it really is soooooooo quick, ya won't know urself!!!


Gen xx

ps... keep in touch and we can pull each other through eh!!
Hi Jo

Congratulations on starting the diet today. Firstly did you take a painkiller for your headache. Go ahead and take one don't suffer unnecessarily. You can drink peppermint tea, and pure green tea or black tea with no milk. I think you should be able to add chilli flakes but someone will confirm I'm sure. black pepper too but do not add salt.

You sound like you are doing all the right things. The first day can be the hardest for some it was for me and I ended up with a migraine and in bed. But was good the next day!

Splitting the packs is a good idea but it may not be the right thing for you, you will have to just see how it goes. I found splitting the packs left me unsatisfied in early weeks whereas whole packs did satisfy me for several hours.

Have a rest if you are able to. The first few days can be tough but it is so worth it!

We are all here if you need support.

Dizzy x
Hi Jo
Have just started myself today and although I have no advice I just wanted to say I feel the same! But then I just think it's got to be worth it! I don't mind feeling like this if the results are good!
Hope you start feeling better soon, let me know how you get on!
Catherine x

I add Cayenne pepper to my soups. It gives a lovely warmth to the soup and is really comforting. Good luck. The first few days are always hard but remember by Thursday you will feel completely different. I found that reading a book or surfing the net really helped.
Hi hun - well done on getting thru ur first day...:) it DOES get easier....keep glugging on the water, take paracetamol for the headache....maybe a nice soak in the bath ? to take ur mind off the food ??

just keep plodding - and prepare to be amazed at how quickly the weight falls off :D Once u start seeing the results you'll be well motivated to continue !

good luck