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First day today !!!!New to LL


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Hello everyone
Well its a new start for me .Day 1 on lighter life never thought I would pay this much for a diet but I need to do something to focus myself.I think ive tried most diets but always put the weight back on so Im hoping LL is the one that will help me keep the weight off forever.
Day 1 has gone ok.I had the porridge for breakfast which was tasty.Then a chocolate shake for lunch.Dinner was the shpherds pie which was quite tasty too.Ive manage three litres of water including some mint tea.Im not feeling hungry but have a dull ache onthe left side of my head.Im off to bed soon.I hope tomorrow is a good day too.
Looking forward to a great weight loss.Reading the other posts is a real inspiration.
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Tough But Sexy X
Hey and welcome you have found the right place to find all the support and advice you need hun xx

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is Magdalicious
Welcome to the forum!
Wishing you all the best for your journey xxx

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Yeh welcome Cathy and good luck on your journey Hun!
Sexy xx


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Hi everyone
Thank you for all your welcomes and encouragement.
Well done for all the great weight losses.
Well day 2 going well so far. not feeling hungry ,thirsty yes but drinking as much as I can 2 litres so far.I am going out for a meal tonight at a greek restaurant and will try not to eat .Well will see how I go.
Cathy xxx


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Day 3

Hi Pigtails1983
Nice to hear you are on the same journey as me.How are you feeling?. Maybe wecould support each other.
I didnt do too bad at the restaurant.I did eat I had some salad and a piece of meat and a meat ball.I avoided the bread and all the creamy dips and said no to dessert.I drank lots of water.I didnt have my fouth shake though so hope it doesnt effect the weight loss.But today is a new day.Bit of a headache this morning but think it could be lack of sleep.Ive had my Vanilla shake hot this morning with a spoon of cofee in it it was lovely.Going to have the shepherd pie for lunch.
Just got to keep remembering the water.
Take care Cathy
Catthin, that seems like a fabulous plan!!

It sounds like you did very well last night, I would have avoided the situation altogther, soyour restraint is very impressive.
I have managed to remain abstinent for 65 hours so far (not that I am counting!!) and I am thrilled and pleased that so far I haven't had a headache- that was my biggest concern. In terms of hunger, yesterday I was too busy at work to notice, today I am noticing it more.

So far I am quite pleased with the foodpacks- I didn't get any of the meal packs, as I don't have a microwave, but the soups and shakes have been ok - not so keen on the mushroom, i think i may get that one changed. I'm looking forward to next week and being allowed bars- although I suppose it will represent a new challenge.

The water thing is going ok, I got the St Clement's flavour- on the strong recommendation of the people on the programme, they advised using it with sparkling water to make a wine-substitue. I am enjoying it in still water and it is nice hot too.

I think I'll be doing the vanilla and coffee trick in a bit!!

Keep smiling xxx


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hi Pigtails
How are you getting on!
I have woken up with a fuzzy head,it feels like a hangover lol. No I havent had any alcohol.
I am really cold as well keep getting the shivers and I have a horrible taste in my mouth but apart from that Im feeling good.
Yesterday was a day full of temptations.My son and two grandsons were here so lots of sweets chocolate and they had a big double cheese pizza.
I cant say I wasnt tempted as several times I went into the kitchen and was tempted to just have a taste but I had a good talk to myself and reached for the water and mint tea.I know I wasnt hungry it was habit,the food was there it smelled delicious but I didnt need it lol.
So was pleased with myself when i went to bed as I had stayed off conventional food.
Hoping I am going into ketosis today!!.
Take care
Hey Cathy,

Well done on resisting temptation! I know exactly what you mean- my Tim seems to have taken to discussing food at any given moment and yesterday suggested we go round Sainsbury's- I was not very impressed, but actually did quite well, I probably would have weakended, were it not for the thought that I would have to start again and whilst it has gone quite well this time, that would necessarily be the same next time. But it was just greed driving me, rather than hunger, which is why I have taken to such an extreme diet. I wouldn't want one of something- I'd want the packet and it would control my mind if I knew there was something half finished in the cupboard- I'm hoping the group work will help me with that loss of control feeling I get around food.

I've woken up fine- I am still awaiting the dreadful headaches I was anticipating, but they have yet to materialise- long may that continue! The biggest problem I have is the taste in my mouth- if anyone has any hints on how to get rid, I would be VERY grateful. I was quite poorly for a couple of weeks las year and as such couldn't eat for over a week- this is the same taste as that ( I obviously went into ketosis without even trying, why didn't I know then what I know now?!!) but it drove me mad- I was constantly drinking something flavoured to get rid of it, to the point where I can't stand certain flavours of squash now, so it is bothering me. I have brought sugar free breathfreshener and must have cleaned my teeth 4 times today, already! Im hopeful it will go away.

I'm going to see my LLC tomorrow- for a "pop-in" I just hope to high heaven I have lost some weight- I think that will keep me motivated, if I haven't I'm really not sure how I will cope. I don't feel any lighter, in fact I feel quite heavy- but I am hopeful that is lethargy!

Enjoy the rest of the day- I managed to get the coffee/vanilla food pack just right this morning, so quite enjoyed it, still got three to have, decisions, decisions!!

J xxx


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Hi Pigtails
You did very well going shopping and resisting all the lovely food.I think it would be the smell of the bakery that would weaken me.I havent ventured to the shops yet,I sent my son with a shopping list.lol
The strange taste is still there and I couldnt drink my normal PG tips as it tasted yeuk but the mint tea is fine.
Well almost the end of day 4.not too bad really I added one of the nut bars in today but cut it into small pieces and spread it over the day.
I have kepy myself busy with the grand children and done some sewing.I will be having an early night as I feel quite tired.
My OH is due back from a sailing weekend so he will be really tired after all the hard work.
Keep up with the determination and we will soon be celebrating our great losses.
My weigh in is wednesday evening when is yours?.
Take care
Good Luck Catthin. Am sure everything will go brilliantly for you. The forums here have been brilliant xx
Hi, Catthin! If you have a strange taste in your mouth you're probably in ketosis, which is great, and will make it a LOT easier to stick to the plan. I found it easier to be very black and white about it, as it took all the mental battles with temptation away. It's good that you only ate foods at the Greek restaurant that didn't stop you getting into ketosis but do be careful - the plan works if you follow it 100% as much as possible. I know from others' posts on here (and my own struggles when I went on from LLT to Lite) that it can be MUCH more difficult once you stop being abstinent.

Anyway - hope that doesn't come across too strongly - just hoping it might help you find it a bit easier!

Good luck!


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Hi Spanglymum.
Wow you are doing brilliantly.
I appreciate your advice re conventional food.Im hoping as it was day two that I had some food instead of a shake will be Ok as I wasnt in ketosis and I avoided the carbs. But from now on its 100%.I could have started on the saturday but wanted to get into ketosis before I go back to work on tuesday and yipee the stick has turned pink so Im officially in ketosis just waiting for the energy rush lol.
Take care
Thank you for your support


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Good luck Cathy and Pigtails on your journey. Thought about putting a diary in the diary section ?
I may consider that Clara, I'm keeping a paper diary, I'm quite old-fashioned in that respect.

I went for my pop in yesterday- definately in Ketosis!! which was a huge relief and more importantly and shockingly- I've lost 9lbs. It doesn't feel real, I was so shocked I shouldn't believe it. It has certainly strengthened my resolve, for some reason I am now panicking that I will put it all back on by my next weigh-in. Goodness knows why, it just seems like i've somehow fluked it and I'll get found out- I haven't eaten a single thing since Wednesday night (apart from food packs, of which I am only having shakes), so I don't know how it would happen, but it is just the pattern I am used to.

So that is the crazy thought process I am dealing with today. How is everyone else feeling?



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Good luck Cathy and Pigtails on your journey. Thought about putting a diary in the diary section ?
Hi Clarabow
Thank you for your encouragement.I will pop over the the diary page and start my diary

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