first day! whats your motivation?


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well today is my first day back on slimming world! Last night me and my mum made a menu for the weeks dinners, then buy all the ingredients for it. That way, theres no excuse not to do it - because we have everything in!
This morning I have done an hour on my new mini trampoline, dancing around to britney and working up a sweat haha! I always find that I'm less likely to cheat when i've done some form of excerise, as i dont want the sweating to be worthless haha! Am going to take the puppy for a walk soon as well, a good first day in all
Having a prawn salad for lunch, and then i'm making sw beef burgers for tea. yumyum!

I was just wondering what everyones motivation for losing weight is? I have a couple, my lovelyy guy has had to move away (due to his college/university work) so i've not seen him in a while, and we wont be seeing each other for at least 6months now, and although he says he doesn't care how i look - i really want to look my best for him, and make him proud of me! Another reason that has really kick started me, is the realisation that life is so short. I sadly lost my lovely uncle last week; he was only 47. He has left behind a gorgeous 5 year old boy, and a lovely 20 year old daughter. its a very sad time for my family and i realised i dont want to spend the short life we have being overweight and unhappy.
so yeah, is there any particular event or something that happened that motivated you?
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For me it was turning 40.

You're right about life being too short. My 1st husband died 12 years ago yesterday and was only 42. None of us know what we have left but we can make the most of it.

Hugs to you and your family at your loss xx


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My motivation is just to feel good about myself and feel proud of what I have achieved. Being able to wear skinny jeans is a huge motivator for me!! After a long time of kidding myself that I was happy and that was the weight I was meant to be, it took holiday snaps to show me how bad i looked. 3 stone lighter, I have maintained target for 6 months now. As the old saying goes - nothing tastes as good as being slim feels! Cheesy, but so so true! If I have a rough day, I look back at my old pics and remind myself again why I still "diet". :)


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Hi and welcome, i am just back on plan today too, i just decided that that was it, i am sick of being fat. I can't go into normal shops for clothes, i have to go to the big shops or the big section of shops and i'm sick of it. I find that the big section of the shops are rubbish for example, i am a big size and want to cover the tops of my arms etc but i find the tops they sell are strappy. I can't get a nice dressy top with decent sleves. The tops of my arms are flabby and have little stretch marks. I want to be able to go to any shop and pick nice clothes . I'm not even bothered about getting very skinny, if i could go out and fit into a 14 i would be happy. So today i have just decided that this is it, my target year will be 2009!!!


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sue, thank you for the hugs - its true life is too short.

jay well done for reaching target! the people like you on here are an inspiration to keep us all going !

betty - i totally related to everything you just said!! am sick of only being able to shop in evans haha!


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My motivator is also to with clothes! I want to buy stuff I like rather then stuff that just fits! I want to buy some trendy jeans that will actually flatter me rather than make me close to tears in the changing rooms! I am also happier now I'm actively trying to change myself and lose weight!

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My motivation is to try and get in better shape.
In Feb last year I suffered 3 heart attacks, caused by being overweight and a smoker. The day after my op to have stents fitted I got my OH to remove all signs of smoking from our flat (never to be seen again).
Sadly I put on over 1 stone in weight which was not good being as I was already overweight.
In June a friend surgessted I go with her to SW, which turnedout to be the best thing for me. The weight loss is slow as I also suffer with Fibromyalgia which make's it painful for me to do much exercise, I do try to go for a walk most days. I will get to my target but it might take longer than most people.:p:D:p


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For me there are 2 things

1) The clothes issue already mentioned - Only being able to buy clothes in the "larger ladies" stores or ebing relegated to the back in the "fat section" with limited choice

2) I want a baby and I want one now - Not that me stamping my feet will help! lol. I will do anything for this baby and well getting my body in good baby growing condition then so be it!

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losing sight of my feet did it for no really i ride a motorbike and i went and did a offroading weekend, and i was so fat and unfit i struggled to keep all the nice bike gear only goes up to a 14/16.......only got couple more stone to go.....:)


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i have a couple to, got a wedding in feb and want to feel and look great and my holiday to florids is in september ( so bikini time lol). also qualify in september and dont want the embarassment of the uniform sizing


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my motivation is i have a young son and he needs a healthier mummy,and im on my holidays in june as well and i really hate ppls stares and how opinuonating others are and wanna show them i can do this.I would love a relationship again at some point and who wants someone like me

sarah x


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Health, getting into decent clothes,,,,, oh and not being able to feel my belly resting on my thighs when I sit down!:sigh:


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I have a couple:
1 - My husband and I need fertility treatment and I really want to loose weight for that. I don't want to get pregnant at this weight and get even heavier! More than anything we want a child so it is my biggest motivator!

2 - I want to be able to wear whatever I want without feeling like I look a huge mess in everything!!

Good luck everyone! xx

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Mine is my wedding, i get married in october. At the moment i'm really dreading it, the pictures, everyone looking at me, i really wanted to go abroad and have it just us but h2b won't have it. So i hope if i lose weight i won't feel so crappy about myself. We are also supposed to be trying for a baby after the wedding and i want to be a fit healthy mummy!


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My motivation is how well I've done already, I've got myself down from a size 20 to a size 16 and I can shop at most places now, I've realised how much I love fashion again! And that I can actually look good... I just think if I'm looking half decent now then imagine what I'll look like another couple of stone down haha!

I'm going to Ibiza in July aswell with a big gang of mates and I'm determined not to be the fat bird of the group :|