First day


I love choccy
Well, started on the low calorie today - its not the cd, but similar I think.. apart from I am allowed a dinner at night (no more than 600 cals) and a snack of fruit if I want to

I got really hungry about 11.30 but didnt give in.. I wasnt looking forward to my shake for lunch but its alright.. just got to get used it I think...

Dont know how I will cope with the hunger pains, I will get hungry later... Any tips on how to not give in to temptation when hungry????
Hi froggy
All the best on your new weight loss journey: keep coming on here to get plenty of encouragement and support.

Slim-fast works VERY differently from CD. You don't go into ketosis so you may feel a bit hungry from time to time. Don't worry though - as a culture we've been conditioned to shy away from hunger but it's a perfectly normal state to be in just like tiredness or agitation: we don't respond to either of those instantly do we?

If you're feeling tired, you don't panic and think 'I must have a sleep RIGHT NOW!' .... so you don't automatically have to appease hunger pangs every time you have one. You can drink a glass of water to take the edge off and then get on with something until it's appropriate to eat. We all pander to our hunger way too much and to be honest, as a Nation, we don't even know what real hunger is. For us, there is always the knowledge that food is available and most people will 'have a snack' when in reality, nothing adverse would happen if we just ignored our rumbling tummies and got on with something. We're not about to drop down dead from a rumbling tummy.

So my advice would be to relax but never take your eye off the ball. Stay focussed, drink plenty of water and for the most part, ignore the rumbles unless it's appropriate to eat (meal times or when you KNOW your body NEEDS nutrition and you don't just 'fancy' a nibble of something).

Good luck - keep us posted on your progress!
Getting through the hunger will be the hardest thing if your anything like me!
It is definately a habit though so try to occupy yourself with something else and stay strong until later!!

Good luck and keep us posted.