First day!


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Its the first day of my last restart, and after my woe is me post last night, im feeling really optimistic right now and im actually excited unlike all the other times i restarted.

I took the plunge and stepped on the scales and i weigh a whopping 17 stone 12 pounds :eek:.
Its the heaviest ive ever weighed and its about 3 stone heavier then when i started the very first time.

But ive given myself till September to lose about 7/8 stone before i do my access course.

So hopefully i'll be at my goal weight by then!

Good luck to all the restarters today!
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Just remember that number - cos its the last time you will ever see it !!! every day is a day closer to goal!

Good luck, and with the support of everyone on here - we can all do it.

You go girl !!:D xx


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Well done for stopping now and taking the plunge to weigh yourself, it's horrible, it's the reason i put on so much weight since last yr as i avoid checking it knowing it's going the wrong way! I am a restarter too, 1st weigh in tomorrow.
But as said above it's the last time you will weigh that and it's all good from here on in! Good luck with the 1st week!!

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Congratulations on restarting Lipotrim and you know it won't take you long to get the weight off. I'm restarting too after a break for Christmas. Getting weighed tonight so I'll find out how much weight I've put on over Christmas.

Good luck with your journey.


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Hi Mellum

You have done the hardest thing really - stepping on the scales and facing the music....easy task, but boy, how we avoid it like the plague and pretend it isnt there!

So, now you have done that and on LT!! Go for wont regret it, but you know the ropes!

Like a lot of us restarters, we are all in it together and HOPEFULLY this is the last time for us all!!!!!!!

Good luck and keep positive!


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Glad you're feeling better about it hun...good luck with the rest of day 1 x


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The hardest part has been done now Mellum - knowing what you weigh and as said above its going to be the last time you are that weight. Its all downhill from here to a nice slimmer healthier you :D


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Good luck Mellum!!!

irish molly

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Good for you. You have taken your courage in your hands and made a start. It is so easy to be downhearted and to keep ignoring what is staring us in the mirror every day. You have begun a journey to a new healthier, leaner and more content YOU.
Just remember that every day builds into a week which equals another few pounds off. In just a few short weeks you will see results and better still, people will start to notice. Stay strong!!


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Good luck pet, we are all with you!!



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good luck sweetie, youll be fine..
and good job for coming back and realising what need to be done! baby steps hey!.. you know the ropes so you will fly through it:) best of luck!!!


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thats great best of luck ;)