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First Day


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Well this morning i went and met with my CD Consultant, Sally!

She was absoutely lovely and explained everything to me.

Anyway i have officially started the diet and im so excited!!!

so far i have had 2 packs and im loving the Choc - Mint but hating the Stawberry Shakes LOL.

My Starting Weight is 20 Stones exactly *winces* but at least now i have started and can concerntrate on getting it down week by week!

I suppose this is a bit of a pointless post apart from it marking the start of my CD Journey!

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no posts are pointless ;-) good luck on your journey, there are quite a few newbies around (only just over a week in myself) so we can all loose weigh together
It's a really nice feeling getting started and knowing you're taking control! Good luck on your journey - the pounds will soon start to run away from you xx
Ooooh yes Im loving the choc mint....ice cold with loads of ice and hating the strawberry too!! lol.

Good luck with your first week, Im on my first week too.



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Its nice to have the support to be honest guys, just cant wait to see the scales get lower and lower!!



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HI there - welcome to the forum.
Good Luck with your first week; I'm sure when you weigh-in next week you'll see how worth it this diet is.
Keep coming on here for support when you need it.


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You'll discover the other flavours as you go along and love some and hate some. However, your taste buds change as the diet goes on and you will find that you actually begin to like something you once hated haha. You tend to go on and off certain flavours.

Don't be frightened to post anything. As BeckyN says, no posts are pointless and you may be asking something another member needs to know too, so post away.

I am on day 7 of SS and struggling today. First WI tonight so dreading it.


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Good luck for your weigh in Mia, will have my fingers crossed for you x
good luck Bluebird :D
Choc Orange has a thumbs up too! :)
Well im on to my 2nd day now, last night i had a bit of a headache but took a paracetamol (this wont effect anything will it?) but this morning i have woke up and im a bit shakey and funny when i stand up is this normal?

Havent had my first shake yet im saving it for about dinner time as i know i tend to get more hungry at the end of the day.

And i know understand what my CDC told me about wanting to chew lol i think i dreamt of carvery dinners and kebabs last night but as long as they stay in my dreams i dont care.


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Good morning Bluebird

Glad to welcome you to the plan and to the forums - keep posting on here when you are tempted... it will keep you out of the kitchen and the fridge

Hope that your 2nd day is going well ?

Hi hun, im doing okay thanks, just about to finish my third day and im quite proud of myself as i had a training course at work with the most delicious smelling buffet and as much as i wanted to grab a chicken leg i didnt cheat!!! i also stood next to a burger van for 2 hours tonight while watching the show jumping tonight.

Still feel hunger pains but all in all i think im doing ok


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Well done mate - you are doing really well

I have not been able to do 1 day 100% never mind 3 days and then some... I do really well at work, but then fall down in the evenings when hubby pours me a glass of wine - last night it was Chinese as well as wine - I just couldn't face another tetra

Still - last day at work until 7th June -going camping with my boys for half term, and I am determined that I will be 100% every, yes I have written it down, every day... wish me luck

Catch you later - have a good day

thanks hun and stay positive and enjoy your get away!!! I have my first weigh in tomorrow as my CDC goes on her hols on sat so lets see how much i have lost in 5 days x

good luck im on my second wk my first wk i lost 13lbs and this wk i lost 3lbs i find it easy my fav flavour is fruits ofthe forest mmm.good luck.