First Day!!

Mrs Simmo

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Log on here is a must, water water water and try and keep busy esp during hard times like dinner or in the evenings!! Good luck, its tough but when u see the scale going down next week it will spur u on!!! Good luck x

Mrs Simmo

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Thanks hun - I'm gonna try!


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Brand new to Lipotrim and the forum and had my first shake 3 hours ago!!! :eek:

Feel okay so far.... trying to mentally prepare myself for hard times this week!

Any tips on how to survive the 1st week!?!

Welcome and well done for making the decision to get skinny :D

When things get tough this week log on here, you really will find the support a great help. Everyone here will know how you are feeling and will want to help.

Things I found that helped me through my first week water, water , water!!! 3/4ltrs a day- I found it useful buying a 1ltr sports bottle and sipping it throughout the day, before you know it you have refilled it twice :D I also really missed having a glass of wine in the evening (I'm not an alcoholic I swear!!) so I would buy soda water and put into a wine glass and sip it while watching tv in the evening, made me feel like I was having something special!!
Keep busy! I painted my nails every night just to keep my hands busy, long baths, and I went to bed early too.
Spread your shakes out, I would usually have my first one at 11am, second at 3/4pm and last one at 8/9pm.

I loved the chocolate and vanilla shakes, they are much nicer with lots of ice in them, sometimes I'd sip them through a straw.

Best of luck on your LT journey hun xxx


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hey! i can only repeat what the others have said!! water is key to this diet.. and pamper yourself... baths , facemasks, nail painting..keeping a diary on here really helps too so you can look over how you have felt each day!..

best of luck and if you need some support you know where to find us :D x

irish molly

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Ah, all the very best on your journey. Stay strong and busy. As everyone else has said, water is your most important tool. Keep sports bottles with you all the time and sip constantly. It really helps with the boredom, hunger and necessary hydration. When others around you are eating, either have your shake with them or a coffee or just excuse yourself and go and do something else! You will be amazed to realise just how much time people spend sitting around food. TFR gives you a new perspective on all of this!! Lots of luck


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Cant think of anything else to say the girls have got it covered!, I'm on day 1 today this is a return visit (2009 first time) to loose my baby weight so we can keep each other company xx but this forum is definate must it got me through once and already is helping me again he he xx


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welcome back Toni! :) and good luck x


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hi hun how are you finding day 2?

i just kept telling myself that this is it! i had to do something and there was no going back. i looked through the forum and searched the internet for every success story i could find.....the before and after pictures say it all and mad my mind up that i would do it and even when i felt like i couldnt carry on id remember that i wont be doing this forever and for every day i stick to it 100% the quicker ill be at goal and be able to get on with the rest of my life.

the water is most deffinately the thing to stop the hunger in the 1st days. i was drinking 3 litres easy just by added extra to the shakes and drinking peppermint tea. then drank a litre bottle when i was out and i never felt hungry in the 1st week at all. the 2nd week i didnt drink as much as i was fed up of being on the loo but im going to up the water again as i started to feel peckish.

long baths, painting my nails and going to bingo with a 1.5ltr bottle of water has helped me to keep busy lol

when you feel like poo and the day is dragging come on and have a moan, we have all felt like it so we are here to help you through.

before you know it the day is almost over so early nights and if you cant sleep write down the goals that your aiming for, why you are doing this and i even work out special events in my diary and calculate that if i lose 2.5lb a week id be X amount of lbs at this event lol sad i know but when you do that it really does make it clear in your head that you could be alot thinner in a small amount of time. i could be 10 stone by my 30th bday if i lose 2.5lb a week but i could get there sooner if i lose 3 or 4lb some weeks and i will not get to my 30th bday and look back having given up and think 'if only id stuck at it id be 10stone by now'.

its not forever and you can do it. take it 1 day at a time. good luck :) xxx


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I started last Saturday so now just starting week 2... Keep yourself busy in the first 2 or 3 days and then u will be better for it come day 4.. I found the first 72 hours the worst and since then, I have not yet missed or wanted for food..

Use the stories on here for motivation and it will help you continue..

Good luck

Mrs Simmo

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Hi everyone,

Well got through day 1! :) Doing what you all said and drank lots of water, which seemed to work...

I've made iced coffee kind with the vanilla, coffee and 2 sweetner tablets ones and iced mint chocolate with spearmint tea and sweetner and an iced strawberry. I like the iced ones much better, tried a soup and a warm coffee with vanilla and it was quite nasty I didn't like them. Done the same today.

I'm not getting a hunger pain but I'm really fancying nice things! Like cravings - will this go?

I haven't felt ill yet either... I was wondering when I am likely to get this :confused:

Thanks for all your advice xxx

Mrs Simmo

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Hi everyone, thanks for your posts of support!

Day 1 suprisingly went ok!?! I'm not feeling hungry but am fancying thing by the evening time - will these cravings go at all or do you always fancy something nice throughout but you've gotta be strong? And much the same for day 2. I learned how to make the shakes nicer with adding coffee and sweetner (tablets) etc.

Well I'm on day 3 and I didn't enjoy my first shake this morning, it was hard to get it down but feel better now.

I haven't felt ill as such yet!?! Is this still to come?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Gem xx

Mrs Simmo

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Oh ho, really feel like eating some proper food today!! :( Pushing through!


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I had that feeling too hun so I went online and looked at all the lovely clothes I am going to buy when I'm slim and it did the trick and kept me busy. Hope you feel stronger soon. You can do it x x


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Keep going! The first few days are the worst but once you've got through it and into ketosis you'll be flying.

Peppermint tea is good for something different to drink.

Also leaving peppermint tea to get cold and mixing that with the chocolate shake is yum.


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Hey am on day 14 and the bad feelings have all gone. Feel great! Stick with it and be strong! X x